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Mystery Investigators
The Mystery Investigators show provides a context that will help motivate your students and increase the potential for learning. This is achieved by demonstrating scientific concepts in a fun and fascinating way by testing paranormal phenomena.
My good friend Peter Bowditch fights against quackery and other shonks who prey upon the vunarable.
A must see site, updated every week that pulls no punches.
James Randi
James 'The Amazing Randi' has a $1 million prize for proof of the paranormal. Easy money if you are really psychic.
Podcasting is taking over the world! Tune to Skeptically with Derek and Swoopy to hear interviews with skeptical type people including James Randi, Michael Shermer and many more.
National Center
for Science Education

Prof. Eugiene C. Scott heads up this organization dedicated to fighting Creationist superstition in the science classrooms by "Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools".
Lynne Kelly
Lynne is the best 'Cold Reader' in the business. You think your 'psychic' is good? Forget it! Lynne can run rings around the so-called 'real clairvoyants.' A teacher and author, Lynne wrote a wonderful guide to skeptical thought,
'The Skeptic's Guide to the Paranormal.' She is also a dear and true friend.
Bad Astronomy
Yes.. humans have walked on the moon. No.. there is not a strange planet on a collision course for Earth. Yes.. Dr. Phil Plait is one hell of a nice guy who knows his star stuff!
The Correx Files
My good friend
Dr. Paul Willis has an archive of 50 skeptical radio segments just waiting for you to hear.
Richard Dawkins
I’m sad to say that it was a group of Australian Creationists who dishonestly edited a video interview with Dawkins. Read more here. But creationist tricks don’t detract from his impressive writings.
Letter to his daughter
Letter to Prince Charles
Ian Rowland
Looking for the man who wrote the book on Cold Reading? Ian's book 'The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading' is the first and last word into the methods used by 'psychics' the world over.
Carl Sagan
My inspiration. When I was 15, Cosmos was on TV and I have never been the same since. Thank you Carl. Visit his site and order the complete Cosmos series on DVD or Video.

Where we have strong emotions, we're liable to fool ourselves.

Carl Sagan, Cosmos
(Blues for a Red Planet)

Mark Mayer
Mind Illusionist, Mark Mayer knows full well how stage 'psychics' seem to be able to talk with the dead. He also knocked my socks off by "reading" my mind!
The Skeptic Report
A GREAT online newspaper for skeptics or anyone and good design as well.

Paranormal Photographic Review Program is the World's First Internet-Based Paranormal Photographic Review Program in Quicktime downloads.

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy
and much more.
The Skeptic's Dictionary
Hundreds of skeptical topics in alphabetical order.
The Skeptics Society and magazine.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
CSICOP encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view.

Australian Skeptics
Australian SkepticsThe Australian Skeptics Inc. is a group that investigates the paranormal and pseudo-science from a responsible scientific viewpoint.


Uri Geller
Uri is still going strong, although not many people under 30 know who he is. I wonder why? Still, I'm glad he did did his spoon bending, it's given skeptics a great party trick. Lots of silly fun at his web site.
Victor Zammit
A Lawyer Argues the Case for the Afterlife. Wow. This site is your one-stop shop for belief in anything. Anyone who does not beleive is a "Closed minded, materialist skeptic/debunker." Well worth a look.

See also:

John Edward
His star is falling now, but not so long ago he was the 'psychic' wonder kid. By the way, did you know about his disclaimer?
Click the image below.
Australian Vaccination Network
OK, so judging by the name, these people are a network dedicated to vaccinating. WRONG! It's just one of the underhanded tricks they use to fool parents into NOT vaccinating children or anyone else. These people have dubbed me
"A Mouseketeer of Evil".
Australasian Ufologist
Very odd blog site, but a great laugh. Check it out and add a comment.
Time in Sydney, Australia

A Ghost? 24.Sept.2006

Me on the TV again... See the video (looks like a spider or a moth or a web) that also seems to look like a ghost! (Whatever a ghost looks like.)

The 'Ghost' Video


My Stars! 19.Sept.2006

I always thought I was a "Sagittarius", but take a look at this image of the location of the sun in the heavens on the day I was born. How is it that the sun was in fact in the constellation of "Scorpio"? Hmmmm???

- - Click image to enlarge - -

You too can check out your real star sign. I recomend the free program Stellarium.


MI Shows 30.Aug.2006

The Mystery Investigators show goes from strength to strength with performances for not only the Australian Museum, but also for the ABC. We will be doing more shows in September, details are on the Australian Museum web site.

Lots More Videos 8.June.2006

The Mystery Investigators have quite a collection of videos, now some of these have been posted for you to view online for free. Just head to their Photos & Videos page and help your self!

Sunrise TV 11.April .2006

Once again I was a guest on the top rating ch. 7 'Sunrise' program, this time taking part in a talk about 'Psychic Detectives'.

You can see the segment here .

My dear father, Rev. Bob Saunders
9 April.2006

I was by my father’s bedside as he died, quite peacefully on the 8th of April 2006. Dad loved life and loved his family. I cannot bring myself to pity him as he, due largely to mum, had a wonderful life. The pity I feel is for the family and friends he leaves behind who will always miss him.

I have put a small video of Dad online, it shows you a little of how much he loved us, especially his grandkids.

Click here to see the video of Dad with his first Grandson, Rory Adam.

Click here to see the order of service of Dad's funeral and the tribute to him, read my brother Geoff. (pdf)

Origami Earrings 1.Jan.2006

After my success on ‘Temptation’, many people asked me about the origami animals I wore on the show. Owing to this, I began to make up some origami earrings for friends and family.

Before I knew it, all sort of people were asking about them and requesting some.

The result of all this is that I have set up my own Origami Earring Online Shop. Remember, if you have special request, email me and I shall see what I can do.

Sunrise TV 31.Oct.2005

Once again I was a guest on the top rating ch. 7 'Sunrise' program, this time taking part in a talk on GHOSTS!

You can see the segment here .

More TV 17.Oct.2005

Once again I was a guest on the top rating ch. 7 'Sunrise' program, this time taking part in a Crop Circle debate.

You can see the segment here.

On the TV 12.Oct.2005

I have been busy running from TV studio to TV studio both in Melbourne and Sydney. You can see my effort on Ch. 7 Sunrise Show here.


Thanks to all of you who saw me on Temptation. I decided to leave at the end of the fourth night, winning a very nice trip to Europe. I had the time of my life and I would like to thank all involved with the show. A warm thanks also goes to my competitors, all of whom were wonderful people and very nice to know.

You can see one of the shows here .

First Night

Second Night

Third Night

Fourth Night

Thank you and goodbye

Divining and Dowsing 21.June.2005

There are many issues far more important than divining for water in this world. Many topics, such as the claims of alternative medicine, really do deserve more attention, especially when the national TV broadcaster here in Australia is giving free advertising to utter nonsense like Energy Healing and Homeopathy. Be that as it may, for me the claims of water diviners give us all a good insight into the workings of the mind of the believer.

Now, it’s easy, too easy, to dismiss water diviners as cranks or nutters. In fact, most are simply people like you or I and just like you or I, they are basing their belief, that water divining works, on the evidence. It’s true that their divining rods do in fact move and it’s true that when they dig, they usually find water.

It’s not hard to see how these people are so convinced, sold on the idea that they have special powers.

Divining is a special interest of mine. It forms part of the Mystery Investigators show as it’s great introduction into the claims of the paranormal or supernatural. You can see my documentary on the topic by getting a copy of The Great Water Divining DVD or Video from Australian Skeptics.

(The photo is of me taking part in a divining test held at the 1994 Edinburgh Science Festival.)

John Edward, Mark Mayer & Me 14.June.2005

In April this year, the famous Clairvoyant/Medium, John Edward, made a trip to Australia for a one-off show in order to support the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation. An odd choice given that Edward’s act revolves around talking with the dead. In any case, Edward was also going to be a guest on channel 9's Mornings With Kerrie-Anne and I was lucky enough to get a ticket.

Read More

he Mystery Investigator No.3

Click here for the latest issue of “The Mystery Investigator”,
FREE to download. (PDF – 2.3mb)

“The Mystery Investigator” April 2005


  • Editorial
  • What in the World?
  • Just How Bad is The BAD Astronomer?
  • Your STARS for April
  • Call me RATBAG!
  • Book Review : Merchants of Deception
  • Talking with the Dead?
  • Lynne Kelly Master of Tauromancy
  • Book Review : Inside the mind of a Mind Hunter
  • Mystery Investigators LIVE
  • Berzerkeley Psychics
  • Ask for AUST R
  • Yellow Bamboozled


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It was said...

Cash Prize
26th year!

$110,000 from Australian Skeptics is STILL on the line for anyone who can prove the paranormal.

And yes... if you are a true 'Psychic', you should have no trouble in winning this prize. The rules and conditions are agreed to by both parties and all tests are conducted in the Presence of an independent umpire. So, why wait? Come and claim your money!

The Great Skeptic CD2

This CD is truly a goldmine, a comprehensive reference tool for educators, students, researchers, and journalists, an extensive resource on all subject matter worthy of the skeptical eye, and a fabulously entertaining and enjoyable production to pass the time with.

Amanda Chesworth
Skeptical Inquirer

All in all, both fun and interesting. A valuable addition to any skeptic’s library.

Wendy Grossman
UK Skeptics

The only problem I can see is a positive thing - it will take a huge amount of time to read all the articles from down under. Do I need to mention this? The CD is formidable!

Willy Wegner
Danish Skeptics

The Great Skeptic CD2 follows in the footsteps of the original Great Skeptic CD, adding over 1000 more pages of searchable information. As well as all 91 past issues of the Skeptic, this CD also contains the books, Creationism An Australian Perspective, Creationism Scientists Respond, Creationism The Other Quote Book, Skeptical, Nuclear Electricity Gigawatts, Skeptical Poems and the humorous Subscription Reminders.

*PLUS* Over 10 hours of audio including the 1988 Australian Skeptics Convention, 2001 Dinner talks by Barry Williams, Prof. Ian Plimer and Peter Bowditch and episodes of 'Theories of Everything' from 2003.

You can buy a copy via the
online store.

Children's Author
Yes, I really did write books for kids.


The Great Water Divining DVD & Video

Australian Skeptics are pleased to offer one copy of our Great Water Divining DVD or Video FREE of charge to any school in Australian or New Zealand. Just have a representative of your school email us or call our hotline on (02) 9417-2071

If you are not a school you can buy a copy via the online store.

The Mischief-Making
of Ideomotor Action
Ever wondered why water diviners really think they have special powers?



A highlight of the 2004 Australian Skeptics Convention was the successful failure of a Homeopathic Mass Suicide.

Before the convention, we marched into a Sydney Pharmacy, yes, a pharmacy, and bought almost $100 worth of worthless sleeping pills. Then, as you can see in the photo, Prof. Colin Keay, Dr. David Brookman, Richard Saunders, Barry Williams, Dr. Phil Plait, Peter Bowditch and Dr. Steve Roberts (not pictured) took the lot. We ate enough sleeping pills each that we should now all be dead.

The point, apart from showing once again that this stuff is rubbish, was to also remind the audience that some parents actually try to vaccinate their babies with "Homeopathic Vaccines". This could indeed have deadly consequences.

Click the image to see what some of our once respected pharmacies are now selling.

Download your own title deed to a homeopathic bridge!

Australia's Best!!

A quick search on Google and watching TV reports finally answers that great question, Who is Australia's best ?
(The next question - why haven’t they walked away with the
money - is unanswered.)


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