A home page dedicated to furthering wetland restoration, enhancement and conservation on private lands.

Information on the National Wetlands Conservation Alliance

The most current information on wetlands is on the The Association of State Wetland Managers web site. Their "Wetland Breaking News," updated every other week, is most valuable.

Dollars available for Restoring Wetlands and Riparian areas.
  Why Landowners Restore Wetlands: Summary of A National Survey
Forested Wetlands & Streamside Forests - An Instructors Guide. (7/96, updated 5/97)

Wetland Functions and Values - Adapted from several sources, a summary table
  The wetlands "One Book" (The National Water Summary on Wetland Resources, Published by USGS)
Hyper links to other sites with information on Wetlands.
 Backyard Wetlands Conservation, . Included is a job sheet on building a backyard wetland. This site will provide you access to a NACD and an  NRCS site and more.


May is American Wetlands Month - Celebrate it!