Join the UK's top companies from the world of Anime & Manga in the London MCM Expo
'Anime Village'.

'Anime Village' has grown and will continue to do so!

Over the course of the weekend we will be holding Cosplay competitions also the chance to meet the staff from 'NEO' magazine who are the only true Anime magazine in the UK market, the team from the magazine will be on hand to answer questions not only on there stand but in the 'Anime Village' arena where they will be presenting talks and displays.

In the 'Anime Village' arena there will be Question & Answer sessions, exclusive footage of upcoming releases shown on a large Plasma TV, competitions and much more!

Also available is the chance to get some incredible EXCLUSIVE give-aways from the top distributors including, Manga, MVM, ADV Film, BEEZ and many more..


Alphonse Elric
Fullmetal Alchemist
Courtesy of MVM Entertainment

Fruits Basket
Kiddy Grade
Lupin III - Farewell to Nostradamus

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Sasuke Uchiha
Courtesy of MANGA

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - Marcus
Legion of Super-Heroes - Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-el)
Digimon: Battle of Adventurers - Kai
Halo 2

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Courtesy of MANGA

Days of Our Lives
Time and Tide - Jessica
Digimon: Island of the Lost Digimon - D'Arcmon
Rave Master: Special Attack Force - Reina

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Beez Entertainment launches the remastered version of Patlabor 2: The Movie at London MCM Expo October 2006!

Warming up for the Autumn season, Beez Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of the remastered version of Patlabor 2: The Movie at London MCM Expo October 2006!


The neglected masterpiece of internationally-acclaimed director Mamoru Oshii, and one of the very finest anime films ever made, 1993s PATLABOR 2 is completely remastered for this DVD edition. This disc features enhanced visuals together with new Dolby 5.1 surround sound for both English and Japanese. Set three years after the first film, PATLABOR 2 draws police commanders Ki’ichi Gotoh and Shinobu Nagumo into the hunt for Tsuge, a rogue officer of the Japan Self-Defense Forces connected with an escalating wave of terrorist attacks. But the investigation into the plot is guarded by secrets both personal and political, as the awakening fear of terror in Tokyo is slowly answered by the dream-like fade of democracy into martial law…

Available in both standard and Limited Edition, Limited Edition version includes:

+ A new cover designed by Yukata Izubuchi, + A bonus DVD with "The Making of Patlabor 2 the Movie"
+ A 300 page storyboard book from Mamoru Oshii translated into English
+ A 144 page book Archive of the movie, containing interviews, insights and more about the movie!
Each one is individually numbered and limited to only 1000 in the UK! Will you be able to get number 0001 before anyone else finds it?

Swing by the Beez stall for your chance to get your choice of exclusive Patlabor 2 goodies including see through document folders, multi-colour pens and glossy posters for the series when you purchase either Patlabor movie available at Expo to get your choice of bonus*!

Catch all of Beez Entertainment’s newest releases including Eureka Seven volume 1 and Panda-Z volume 1 at London Expo as well! Check out for more information!

*Subject to availability of stock of both promotional items and Patlabor movies.

We are happy to confirm that the UK's No1 Manga art studion will be at every London MCM Expo from now on!

Japanese Manga comics have spawned an entirely fresh approach to Sequential artwork and have given inspiration to a whole new breed of Artists beyond Japan's shores. The UK is no different. Unbeknownst to many, a quiet revolution has been brewing beneath the surface of the UK small press comics industry.

Sweatdrop Studios is one of the only groups in the UK dedicated to the creation and publication of this unique art form. You will find them in the Anime Village offering an insight into the production and appreciation of the Manga cultural phenomenon. They will be presenting tutorials, selling their own home-grown Manga products and running an Artists Alley where you can show off your own artistic skills or simply enjoy perusing the work of others.

They will also be all-too-happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the creation of your own comics from concept to printing. Whether you are a budding Manga artist curious to learn how to apply your skills, a Manga fan, or simply someone interested in broadening their knowledge horizons, you should not miss this chance to say hello to the group.


DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) or DS (Dancing Stage) as it is known in Europe is a highly popular dancing game which has been released on Playstation, XBox, and in the arcades, originating from Japan. Using your feet on a dance mat, you are able to dance along to music which the game plays, of which you are then scored at the end of the track. You have the ability to dance solo, or head to head in a game which not only is fun, but is a great workout!

DDRUK is the largest community within the United Kingdom that has fans for this and other rythmatic games. These other games include, Para Para Paradise, Beatmania, Pop 'n Music, In The Groove, Pump It Up, Ez2Dancer, and many more. Many of these games originate from Japan, where there are also dedicated groups of fans that play these games, for fun and for competition. DDRUK also includes articles for new and veterans at the game, to a shop where you can buy equipment for your home set ups, a dedicated set of forums for all the different rythmatic games as well as advice on other subjects close to the hearts of the fans, and much more.

DDRUK is proud to announce that they will make a welcome return to the London MCM Expo to run dance game machines within the Anime Village. We shall be showing you what this Japanese craze is all about, as well as run a tournament on both days, including the chance to win prizes! We shall also be demonstrating how to actually play these games for all the new people out there, and those people who want to learn a little more to become experts.

Staff from DDRUK will be attending the event, and will be happy to answer any queries that you may have about rythmatic games and the website, no matter how small or big!

We very happy to confirm that the UK's No1 Japanese Anime & Culture magazine are not only sponsoring the London MCM Expo but the full team will be in attendance to meet everyone in person.

Also on the Neo stand in the Anime Village will be some great FREE give aways and a chance to see te magazine if you have not already done so.

Neo magazine will also be hosting some chats and competitions in the Anime Village arena

'Manga' perhaps one of the best known companies in the genre across the world are Official Sponsors of the London MCM Expo.

Manga will be attendance all weekend to meet their fans and answer any questions, along with holding panels in the 'Anime Village' theatre.

'Manga' will be presenting footage from some of their upcoming UK releases and showing exclusive footage to fans.

Visit the Manga stand for the times of panels plus get some great FREE give aways.

Also attending with in the Manga stand will ber Atari giving the chance to play some of the upcoming Manga computer games releases.

'MVM - UK' are the second largest distributor of Anime in the UK and work closely with Funimation who are one the main US distributors.

We are happy to confirm that MVM - UK are Official sponsors of the London MCM Expo.

MVM -UK will be screening some of thier upcoming releases.

'ADV FILMS' are the largest distributor of Anime in the world.

We are happy to confirm that ADV FILMS are Official sponsors of the London MCM Expo and are helping us to launch the 'Anime Village'

ADV FILMS are premiereing new productions that will be exlusively launched at the London MCM Expo

ADV Films are proud not only to attend the Village, co-host screenings of key titles, and meet & greet the fans, we are particularly proud of sponsoring the Anime Cosplay Competition on both days of the event. First prize will be a portable DVD player and a unique “shopping spree” voucher for ADV’s newly minted e-commerce facilities, while runners-up will also receive “shopping spree” vouchers. Cosplayers will be able to come to the Garnier Manga Head Salon and receive free gel styling from Garnier’s specialist stylist in attendance, as well as then having their picture taken free of charge by Garnier’s professional photographer. A unique experience, and one that will enhance the cosplay experience for all attending.

'BEEZ' is one of the forefront distributors of new anime in the U.K.

having brought you such fan favourites over the last few years as 'Cowboy Bebop', 'Escaflowne', 'Gundam Wing', 'Gundam Seed', 'Witch Hunter Robin' and 'Wolf’s Rain'.

Beez Entertainment is happy to announce that they be attending the London MCM Expo and will be giing you some sneak peaks of series coming out in the near future.

Whilst at the BEEZ stand will the chance to buy titles at special prices and even perhaps bringing you a few titles before they’re available in the shops!

26th & 27th MAY 2007

London MCM Expo

Royal Victoria Dock
London, E16 1XL, UK

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