While creating software for previous projects we have sometimes found the need to create plugins for REALbasic to add additional functionality not provided by the built-in classes, we offer these classes for free download to use in your own projects (Please note these plugins will only function in the Windows IDE and Windows built applications due to the reliance on Windows specific technologies)
  • RealZip - This plugin compresses and uncompresses files into .zip files

  • DTPicker - This is a wrapper for the built-in Windows date and time picker control

  • ToastWindow - This is a MSN-style popup "toast" notification window

  • TrayApp - This is an application subclass which lets you add your application icon to the taskbar and provide balloon notifications to your users (Like Windows update)
  • WindowsInformation - This class provides you with additional information about the currently logged-in user, such as username, domain, whether they have administrator privileges etc.