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.: By: Matt Keys :: September 1, 2001 :.


The main menu

The load menu, a small screenshot next 
to each saved game


I first noticed Fade many months ago while checking out PocketGamer.org. I was taunted by the stunning screenshots they had released. Even though the demo had not yet been released, I could tell that this was going to be something. So naturally, when it was released I had to review it. I got in touch with Alex from the fade team and they were nice enough to provide me a copy for review. So before I go off rambling, on with the review.

-Getting started-

Well for some Fade could be a lot to handle on the requirements side of things. It requires 11.5 MB of storage, and 10.5 MB of program memory. Easily making fade one of the largest games for the PocketPC, if not the largest. Of course you can install to a storage card, as I did, which makes fitting it on your device quite easy. And I must say, the space is a small price to pay for this game.


The entire game is controlled via the stylus, which in this type of game, works quite well. As you can see in the above picture, you have four buttons, which you will use.

  • The 1st button will simply go to the main menu so that you can save, exit, and so forth.

  • The 2nd button will open your diary, your diary is a great resource. It essentially tells you what you are trying to accomplish at that moment, this is great for people who will be playing on and off, so that they can just read the diary and remember where they left off.

  • The third button is your inventory, throughout the story you will find certain items which can be picked up, and used elsewhere to solve puzzles. Often times you will get a little hint about where an item might be used by examining it.

  • Button number four will take you to other rooms or areas, you simply select it, and choose which area you wish to go through from the menu.



The actions I can perform with the crate
are "examine" and "Push".

After inspecting something, you get a 
closer view like the one above.

Now, aside from the buttons, just about everything on screen is “click able” whether it is important or not. When clicking an item, you will be presented with a menu of actions that can be performed with the item. Also, you will find that certain areas of interest can be viewed closer, a separate window will pop up and you will see a better, and closer view. I find it best to click everything you see, and go through the different actions in order to find out what everything is and does. What may seem trivial at the moment, could be important later.

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