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Julie R. Enszer
New Book by Dr. Helen Caldicott, Nuclear Power is Not the Answer. 
Available here.

Join Dr. Helen Caldicott for her fall tour promoting her new book, Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer.

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Fitting ICBMs with conventional weapons risks catastrophe
Alexander Artem Sakharov The Baltimore Sun - November 29, 2006
LOS ANGELES -- Twenty-five years ago, a Reagan administration official asked my opinion on whether America was facing a clear and present danger from Russia. I said no.Despite the heated rhetoric on both sides, the Russians never intended to initiate an attack on the West, their strategic objective being to split Europe from the U.S. On the other hand, their fear of being attacked was countered, even in the face of President Ronald Reagan's hostility, by their faith in America's common sense. Why should the richest nation on earth invite horrific devastation upon itself without a logically compelling reason?

Book Review of Nuclear Power is Not the Answer
The Book Depository (UK) - October 27, 2006
With the scale and depth of the environmental crisis on our planet becoming increasingly clear, and with ecological concerns finally becoming the vital focal point of political debate, Dr. Helen Caldicott's compelling Nuclear Power is Not the Answer could not be more timely.

Booklist on Dr. Caldicott's new book, Nuclear Power is Not the Answer
Booklist from American Library Association - September 14, 2006

NPRI is pleased to share what Booklist wrote about Dr. Caldicott's newest book. 

Caldicott, Helen. Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer. Sept. 2006. 240p. index. New Press, $23.95 (1-59558-067-0). 333.792.

Never one to mince words, renowned physician and activist Caldicott presents exhaustive evidence to refute the now resurgent claim that nuclear power is the solution to global warming. Eschewing hyperbole and speculation, Caldicott diligently presents the facts about the grave problems attendant on nuclear power.