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Songs from both shows
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Cow and Chicken
I Am Weasel
Other songs

Cow and Chicken

Lyrics by David Feiss
Music by Guy Moon


[Guy Moon]
Guy Moon

Cow and Chicken theme song (.WAV 309K) <-- Click here for a WAVe file.
Cow and Chicken theme song (.RAM 64K) <-- Click here for a RealAudio version.

"Mama had a chicken,
Mama had a cow,
Dad was proud,
he didn't care how.
Cow and Chicken!"

I Am Weasel

Lyrics by Richard Pursel
Music by Bill Fulton
Sung by Elinore Blake a.k.a. April March, a.k.a. April S***bird of the S***birds. 

I. M. Weasel theme song (.WAV 324K) <-- Click here for a WAVe file.
I. M. Weasel theme song (.RAM 61.6K) <-- Click here for a RealAudio version.
Sheet Music Page 1 (47K)
Sheet Music Page 2 (43K)
If anyone converts the sheet music to tablature for guitar, please send us a copy and we'll do something nice for you.

"You don't need pants for the Victory Dance,
'cause Baboon's better than Weasel,
I.R. Baboon's big star of cartoon, "I AM WEASEL!!!!"
I.R. Baboon reigns king in his mind,
he's just as good as the weasely kind,
but 'round every corner he's likely to find
"I AM WEASEL!!!!!"

Other Songs (.WAV files)

Baboon in Love (272K)
Baboon 'n' Baby Grampa (313K)
The Legend of Sail Cat (1525K)
Pop Goes Weasel (sung by I. R. Baboon) (96K)
Ugliest Weenie (102K)
We Are a Pack of Weenies (187K)

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