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Moby Didn't Feel Pressure To Follow Up 'Play,' '18' Bows At Number Four

05/22/2002 3:00 PM, Yahoo! Music
Jerry Armor

(5/22/02, 3 p.m. ET) -- Moby’s 1999 album, Play, took some time to get noticed. It eventually went on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide, after a clever marketing campaign that included licensing songs from the album to a myriad of commercials. This time around, fans were clearly anticipating the release of Moby's latest. The techno wizard's 18 debuts at Number Four this week with sales of more than 126,000 copies.

The 36-year-old New York City resident says he didn’t feel the pressure to perform with 18. "If I was to look at myself objectively, I think I would feel lots of pressure, but strangely enough, because I never expected to sell any records, I don’t feel any commercial pressure," he says. "The success of Play, the fact that it sold 10 million copies, to me, that almost feels like a fluke. So with this new record, I mean, I would love it if it went on to sell really well, but my main goal is to make music that people will like."

Moby will tour this summer in support of 18 with the Area:Two festival, a follow-up to last summer’s Area:One.

-- Buzz Bishop, Vancouver

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