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Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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Mortal Kombat 4 - Revision 3.0 back to services
Additional Features and Improvements over Revision 2.0/2.1: Every character has a new fatality! Another Stage Fatality has been added to "Goro's Lair!" New Kombat Kodes. New moves. Combo system has been expanded even further. Fatality Peeks! Ending sequences are closed captioned for noisier gamerooms. Meat lives!!
Three Additional Characters: Jax, Johnny Cage and Reiko
Real 3-D Movement: executed by quickly tapping the run button twice
More Weapon Features: players can now throw weapons at the opponent and use combos
Interactive Backgrounds: certain backgrounds have objects that can be thrown at the opponent
Ending Story: on a 1-player game when every character is defeated there is fully animated ending sequences that show the character's outcome
More Difficult CPU Players: CPU fighters are much more challenging
Additional Secret Moves and Fatalities: additional moves for Jarek, Sonya and Scorpion
2-On-2 Play: in a 2-player game, players can select 2 players each to fight (special coin setting)
Added Kombat Kode Screen: on the VS. screen, Kombat Kodes have been added to enable enhanced play features
Elminated Coinage Problems from Revision 1.0
Added 1-Player Operator Adjustment for Difficulty Settings

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