Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival

23rd - 25th Nov 2006
City Hall, Cardiff

Beers, Ciders and Perries

Over 150 Real Ales

The Festival will feature a selection of over 150 cask-conditioned beers, ranging from popular favourites to new brews from small micro-breweries. Welsh beers will be especially prominent with most of the Principality's breweries being represented. We are currently planning to have about 58 Welsh beers - probably the most you will see in one place at the same time!

So with plenty of beer styles available, from milds and light ales through bitters, stouts and porters to strong ales there is bound to be something for everyone.

The beer list is now available and should be the final list.

The beer lists for the 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 and 2001 festivals are also still available.

30+ Ciders and Perries

In addition to the beers there will be a huge selection of traditional ciders and perries (pear ciders) ranging from sweet to dry. Again the buoyant Welsh cider industry will be well represented - about 16 should be on sale.

Champion Beer of Wales

Each year a competition to find the top beer produced in Wales is held at the Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival. The judges, a mix of professionals from the brewing industry and other celebrities, choose winners in a number of categories of beer styles from all the Welsh breweries and the overall champion is selected from the category winners. The result of the 2005 competition was -

First - Bullmastiff Son of a Bitch
Second - Tomos Watkin Merlin Stout
Third - Bryncelyn Oh Boy!

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