"MEROPE" departed Gravesend 9 6 1871, arrived Lyttelton 25 8 1871
Families Bainton, Alfred & wife, Wiltshire; ploughman Boyle, John & wife, Londonderry; ploughman Clark, Bennett, wife & child, Hants.; farm labourer Fahey, Patrick, wife and child, Galway; shepherd Haggarty, Henry, wife & 3 children, Lancashire; carpenter Harris, Amelia and child Hawkins, Thomas, wife & two children, Gloucestershire; farm labourer Hitchens, Samuel, wife & three children, Cornwall; farm labourer Line, George, wife and child, Wiltshire; ploughman Mitchell, Andrew, wife & child, Down; farm labourer M'Kay, William, wife & three children, Sutherlandshire; farm labourer Peacock, Oliver, wife & child, Armagh; farm labourer Perry, Edmund, wife & child, Wiltshire; ploughman Sullivan, John, wife & two children, Cork; ploughman Thompson, Thomas & wife, Antrim; ploughman Single Men Farm Labourers Hide, William, Herts. Leigh, Liberty, Kent Moffat, Joseph, Cumberland Source: The Star 26 8 1871