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Tony Stewart celebrates his first Daytona win by doing a little fence climbing. Credit: CIA Stock Photo

Lap-by-Lap: Pepsi 400

July 3, 2005
02:14 AM EDT (06:14 GMT)

Lap 160: Checkered flag: Tony Stewart gets his first Daytona victory.

Lap 156: Dale Earnhardt Jr. helps Jamie McMurray keep second. Jimmie Johnson left out to dry.

Credit: CIA Stock Photo
Unofficial Results
Pepsi 400 at Daytona
Pos. Driver Make
1. Tony Stewart Chevrolet
2. Jamie McMurray Dodge
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Chevrolet
4. Rusty Wallace Ford
5. Dale Jarrett Ford
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Lap 154: Tony Stewart has set a record for the most laps led in a 400-mile race at Daytona -- now at 145.

Lap 152: Green flag; Tony Stewart leads.

Lap 147: Caution is out for a multicar wreck involving Kyle Busch, Robby Gordon, Carl Edwards, Jeff Burton, Kevin Harvick and Elliott Sadler and Scott Wimmer.

It appears that Burton went down into Edwards to trigger the wreck.

Lap 145: Tony Stewart makes a banzai move on the outside, four-wide to take the lead.

Lap 144: Green flag; Kasey Kahne, who took just tow tires, now leads. Jimmie Johnson is second and Dave Blaney, with two tires, is third.

Lap 143: Kasey Kahne is scored as the leader.

Lap 141: Leaders to pit road. Leader Stewart gets four tires, but nearly stalls the car leaving pit road. He loses five positions.

Lap 141: Caution is out as Boris Said has problems. Elliott Sadler is the Luck Dog. He has already made his stop.

Lap 135: Jimmie Johnson now to second, Junior to third.

Lap 133: Elliott Sadler to pit road for a four-tire stop.

Lap 130: It looks like the race has really started. Earnhardt Jr. now runs second, with Jimmie Johnson third.

Lap 127: Dale Earnhardt Jr. battling Jamie McMurray for third. Elliott Sadler has held off Jimmie Johnson, who is now sixth.

Lap 126: Good morning, Daytona! At 1:02 a.m. ET, Tony Stewart continues to lead with Jimmie Johnson battling for second.

Lap 119: With 41 laps left, you can feel the intensity rising.

Lap 117: Green flag; Tony Stewart leads. Meanwhile, Kurt Busch is back out on track.

Lap 115: Tony Stewart, Elliott Sadler and Jamie McMurray stay out, all others to pit road. Jimmie Johnson hampered by a slow stop on pit road. Brian Vickers wins the race off pit road, and will re-start fourth.

Lap 113: Caution is out: Boris Said takes a wild ride through the grass.

Lap 110: Tony Stewart takes the lead from Elliott Sadler.

Lap 109: Elliott Sadler takes the lead, loses it to Tony Stewart, then takes it back.

Lap 108: Green flag; Dale Jarrett leads.

Lap 105: Mark Martin has returned to the racetrack, 68 laps down, in 43rd.

Lap 103: Leaders to pit road. Jimmie Johnson wins the race off of pit road.

Lap 101: Caution is out. Bobby Hamilton Jr. hits the wall. Meanwhile, Elliott Sadler and Dale Jarrett get a huge break since they had just pitted. They will lead when this race goes back to green.

Hamilton Jr. goes back to garage.

Lap 101: Ryan Newman is up to third. Meanwhile, RYR teammates Dale Jarrett and Elliott Sadler to the pits.

Lap 96: Elliott Sadler keeps slicing through the field. He's now up to fourth.

Lap 81: Michael Waltrip seen and released from infield care center. Meanwhile, Tony Stewart already has clinched the bonus for leading the most laps.

Lap 77: Green flag; Tony Stewart leads. Elliott Sadler, who ran out of gas earlier, is up to ninth.

Lap 76: Points leader Greg Biffle heads to the garage.

Lap 75: Drivers including Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. pit. Leader Tony Stewart and second-place Jimmie Johnson stay out. In all, the top nine cars did not pit.

Lap 72: Caution is out. Michael Waltrip loses control thanks to a flat tire. Waltrip spins and hits Joe Nemechek and points leader Greg Biffle, who suffers heavy damage. Biffle's team is looking at the problem on pit road.

Lap 72: Green flag; Tony Stewart leads.

Lap 70: It is now midnight on the east coast. Tony Stewart leads.

Lap 69: Caution is out for a single-car accident involving Jeff Green.

Lap 68: Green flag; Tony Stewart continues to lead. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is now in the top 10. Before the lap ends, Stewart asked crew chief Greg Zipadelli if the crew got all his lugnuts on tight.

Lap 66: The field heads to pit road. Jimmie Johnson's crew changes its mind late and decides to make a four-tire stop instead of two. Tony Stewart wins the race off of pit road.

Lap 65: Caution is out for debris in Turn 4. Elliott Sadler is the Lucky Dog, so he'll gain the lap that he lost after running out of fuel on Lap 39.

Lap 64: Jeff Gordon reports on his radio that he's very loose and that he has to change his line.

Lap 61: Jimmie Johnson and Michael Waltrip are battling for second. Meanwhile, Tony Stewart's lead grows to nearly .3 seconds.

Bobby Labonte has returned to the racetrack.

Lap 59: Dale Earnhardt Jr. has moved up to 13th. Meanwhile, Greg Biffle has gone from 31st on the restart 17 laps ago to 10th.

Lap 55: Michael Waltrip moves into third. Kevin Harvick appears to be having overheating problems.

Lap 50: Scott Riggs in the garage says he saw no hand signals from Jeff Gordon or Jamie McMurray just before the Lap-35 wreck.

Lap 47: Tony Stewart has led every lap thus far.

Lap 42: Green flag; Tony Stewart leads.

Lap 40: The field is to pit road. Tony Stewart easily wins the race off of pit road. Meanwhile, Joe Nemechek loses five spots -- to eighth. Brian Vickers is the Lucky Dog.

Lap 39: Elliott Sadler has run out of gas. He is being pushed by the tow truck.

Lap 35: Caution is out for a multicar wreck. Mark Martin, Kurt Busch, Casey Mears, Scott Wimmer, Bobby Labonte, Scott Riggs, Matt Kenseth, Ken Schrader and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are involved. Martin and Busch appear to have the worst damage. Dale Earnhardt Jr. also appears to have body damage.

It appears that Jeff Gordon and Jamie McMurray were attempting to pit and did not signal the field clearly enough. Riggs went up to avoid McMurray, which triggered the wreck.

Martin's No. 6 Ford is on the flatbed headed to the garage.

Lap 32: Joe Nemechek is reporting he can smell gear oil from a car in front of him. That would be either leader Tony Stewart or second-place Jimmie Johnson.

Lap 25: The six-car breakaway has been caught. The top 15 cars are separated by less than two seconds.

Lap 24: Jeremy Mayfield (42nd) to pit road with a vibration. Appears to be a loose tire. Mayfield has stalled the car exiting. He's now a lap down.

Lap 20: Dale Earnhardt Jr. up to 26th from his 39th starting spot. Also, Allen Bestwick has given us the first explanation of "tight" and "loose" of the NBC/TNT season.

Lap 18: The top six cars -- Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Joe Nemechek, Kevin Harvick, Rusty Wallace and Scott Riggs -- are breaking away from the pack.

Lap 13: Scott Riggs appears to be floating up the racetrack slightly in the turns.

Lap 12: Finally, at 11 p.m. ET, the green flag flies. Tony Stewart leads.

Lap 10: Field is given "two to go."

Lap 1: Jimmie Johnson has taken the points lead from Greg Biffle. Biffle started 13th and Johnson started third.

• 10:38 p.m. -- The field takes both the green and yellow flags with polesitter Tony Stewart up front.

• 10:24 p.m. -- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld gives the command to start engines.

• 10:07 p.m. -- More track drying. Some drivers are not yet in their cars.

9:46 p.m. -- JoJo gives a solid performance of the national anthem. Did anyone else know she's an actress, too?

• 9:40 p.m. -- Drivers are on pit road.

• 9:18 p.m. -- We now have seen our third edition of "Wally's World" in one day. Lisa Marie Presley is the guest this time. No truth to the rumor that she told Wally, "don't be cruel."

• 9:00 p.m. -- NASCAR Race Control predicts a start time of between 9:30 and 9:45 p.m. ET.

• 8:33 p.m. -- The rain has picked up at Daytona.

• 7:57 p.m. -- Jamie Foxx to Wally Dallenbach: "I can see why they don't have you out on the track."

• 7:55 p.m. -- Rain is delaying the start of the race. In an unrelated development, "Wally's World" has made it triumphant return -- twice.

• 7:40 p.m. -- "Matty Cam" debuts with an interesting, albeit short, feature on Mark Martin. Let's just say Martin signs a lot of autographs.

• 7:22 p.m. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells Allen Bestwick that Wally Dallenbach is a "have-to-have" guy. He also says Benny Parsons is his favorite.

• 7:20 p.m. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells Allen Bestwick that he's over his bout with the flu.

• 7:12 p.m. -- Bill Weber announces that there is light rain at Daytona. Settle in.

• 7:10 p.m. -- Tony Stewart tells Matt Yocum that "media members have great memories."

Yes, Tony. We sure do.

• 7:07 p.m. -- Allen Bestwick makes his first Cup appearance as a pit reporter. Bestwick, who had play-by-play duties last season, looks comfortable in the driver's suit.

• 7:00 p.m. -- NBC is on the air for its first Nextel Cup Series broadcast of the season. It took less than a minute for Bill Weber to get in his first rhyme of the year.

"Ocean of emotion," in case you're wondering.

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