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Flashlight Tag - The Ultimate Game

2 X High-intensity Anodized 9-LED Flashlights


Who hasn't played flashlight tag? If you haven't, I'll bet you want to. It is our opinion that all flashlights should be sold in pairs. We have always believed this, and always will. Now you know why.

This is a gift that fits any age group, kids love them and adults need them. It's nice insurance against the darkness of winter, and a great item to add to the emergency kit in your car and at home.

These flashlights run on standard AAA batteries. They have 9 LED lights and a durable anodized finish. Each light emits 0.5 watts of colorless white light, for a combined output of 4.5 watts (per flashlight - for you wise guys). To put that in perspective, any LED flashlight over 5 watts is considered high-intensity.

Silver Aluminum alloy material
9×0.5W power LED installed
High-intensity ultra-white light
Fixed focus beam
Shockproof and water resistant
Strong anodized finish
A finger lanyard attached
Reliable rear push switch
Operates on Three AAA batteries (not included)

New in retail packaging

Package Includes:
Silver Aluminum 9-LED Mini Flashlight
Finger lanyard

Product Requirements:
Three (3) AAA batteries


Shipping cost: $5.00
Utah orders add 6.6% sales tax


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