Get Xubuntu

  • NOTICE: There have been some issues with upgrading to Xubuntu 6.10 from Xubuntu 6.06.
    Please review available documentation below before attempting an upgrade.

Xubuntu releases:

Minimum system requirements

To run the Desktop CD (LiveCD + Install CD), you need 128 MB RAM, when using the Alternate Install CD you can do with 64 MB.

To install Xubuntu, you need 1.5 GB of free space on your hard disk.

Once installed, Xubuntu can run with 64 MB RAM, but it is strongly recommended to use at least 128 MB RAM.


Unfortunately, unlike the other Ubuntu derivatives, Xubuntu does not yet have free cds available for shipping due to lack of funding.


If you are using Xubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake), you can upgrade to version 6.10 (Edgy Eft). Please make sure to backup your data before attempting an upgrade.

Click here for instructions.
At the moment, it is not recommend to use this method, as there seem to be problems with it.

The method of apt-get dist-upgrade is still safe for those who are familiar with it, the issue is only with the update-manager. Please note that you do not need ubuntu-desktop, but xubuntu-desktop.

Install Xubuntu from Ubuntu

If you have an existing Ubuntu (or any of its derivatives) installation, and wish to install Xubuntu will keeping your current installation, you can do so.
Just go into Synaptic (or Adept if you use Kubuntu) and install the xubuntu-desktop package. There you are! Next time you login, you can choose Xubuntu from the Session menu on the login screen.

Dual Boot

Since Xubuntu shares the ubuntu-base, please reference this page for dual boot (installation while keeping another operating system) instructions.