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Fertility Management

Our goal is to teach every woman how to observe, chart, and make sense of her menstrual cycle events.

At Justisse we call it Body Literacy

Body Literacy gives women the skills they need to use fertility awareness methods of natural birth control such as the Justisse Method.

What is Body Literacy?
Body Literacy is the self-knowledge gained by learning to observe and chart scientifically proven signs of fertility and infertility, together with other health and wellness observations. Body Literacy incorporates fertility awareness and more, including a broad base of knowledge from which women can make fully informed reproductive choices. Even more, Body Literacy respects your choice, by empowering you with the knowledge you need to make an informed choice about your sexual and reproductive health.

What is fertility awareness?
Fertility awareness is the generic term that describes a life skill a woman acquires by becoming intimately familiar with her unique cycle of ovulation and menstruation.

What is the Justisse Method?

The Justisse Method uses the foundations of Body Literacy to teach women a highly effective, natural and safe alternative to pharmaceutical, mechanical and surgical methods of birth control – natural birth control with a twist.

The Justisse Method uses the foundations of Body Literacy to teach women how to monitor their reproductive health and wellness from first menstruation to menopause.

The Justisse Method uses the foundations of Body Literacy to help women achieve pregnancy, especially those who are experiencing concerns about their fertility.

Learn Body Literacy the Justisse way.

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The goal of Justisse-Healthworks is to teach every woman how to independently observe, chart, and interpret her menstrual cycle events.
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World Health Organization Endorses Fertility Awareness:

"According to the World Health Organization, 93% of women everywhere can identify the symptoms which distinguish adequately between the fertile and the infertile phases of the [menstrual]cycle…[Using fertility awareness for reproductive planning] is inexpensive, highly effective, without side effects and may be particularly acceptable to and efficacious among [certain] people."

- British Medical Journal. Vol. 307, 18 September 1993.
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