Welcome to my Website

As your federal member of parliament I am committed to ensuring you have the best representation possible both in parliament and in the electorate.

My website will give you useful information on a variety of issues and keep you informed about what I am doing both in the electorate and parliament.

There are a variety of federal issues that I can assist you with, so if you need advice or assistance with Medicare, Centrelink, Taxation, Immigration, Citizenship, Industrial relations or for that matter any federal issue, contact my office and either myself or Kay, Chris, Jan or Vicki will assist you.

My website has links to the New South Wales Government, our local councils, Federal Government agencies and a number of other useful sites.

You are able to access my speeches, media statements, my newsletters, petitions, up coming events and hot issues as well as my information kits.

I hope you enjoy the website and find it a useful tool.  I welcome any suggestions you may have on any matter including my website.