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Motorhead Madman

Witness this: We interviewed the most seasoned rocker rocking the rock in rock business today.

Lemmy Kilminster has seen it all. After short stints as Jimi Hendrix's roadie and a member of the early ‘70s rock band Hawkwind, the British rocker formed Motorhead in 1975. Since then, Kilminster and his band have achieved legendary status, pumping out albums and hardly slowing down on the tour circuit to catch their breath. That's almost three decades of daily sex, drugs and rock ‘n' roll. In addition, Kilminster made headlines a few years back after appearing in a John Bobbitt porno film. We're happy he kept his clothes on.

These reasons alone are enough to put Kilminster in The Wave Hall of Fame. But after we heard that the Motorhead madman is a walking encyclopedia of history, we had to find out for ourselves. So we sicced our own history buff, Associate Editor David Farley, on him.

The Wave: Were the reparations put on Germany after World War I the reason for the rise of the Nazi Party and Hitler in the 1930s?

Lemmy Kilminster: Oh yeah. The economic squeeze that the West put on Germany certainly wasn't very popular. It backfired on the West.

TW: Was British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain correct in appeasing Hitler by giving him the Sudetenland (the westernmost region of Czechoslovakia) at the Munich Conference in 1938, or was it a mistake, as Churchill always insisted? Recently some revisionist interpretations from academia suggest Chamberlain was right.

LK: No, he wasn't right to give away a country to Hitler. The Czechs didn't even get to attend that conference at Munich. That's just bullsh*t. In no way is that ever right.

TW: Was Stalin's grip over Eastern Europe protectionist from the West, or expansionist?

LK: He was just an imperialist. He wanted more power. Stalin and Hitler were more or less the same. Personally, they lived in rigid circumstances. Stalin didn't want more money and he wasn't as afraid of the West as he just wanted power. I'm no revisionist.

TW: The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Discuss.

LK: The Holy Roman Empire was just a conglomeration of f*cking85[unintelligible. Sounded like, "chocolate warriors of death"]. It wasn't very holy either. And we all know the Roman Empire ended in 476 AD.

TW: What do you think of the current political situation here in the United States?

LK: It sucks. What do you think? It's just an excuse to85[unintelligible. Sounded like, "throw magical candies from trees"]. You know what I mean?

TW: Let's change the subject. What's the longest you've gone without drinking?

LK: About four or five hours.

TW: Why that long?

LK: You've got to sleep.

TW: Have you ever drunk absinthe?

LK: Yes, but not often.

TW: Could you drink an entire bottle of it?

LK: No, I couldn't—and neither could you.

TW: What's the best beer in the world?

LK: I don't drink beer. My drink of choice is bourbon and Coke.  

TW: Because there's an umlaut in the second "o" in Motorhead, do Germans pronounce your band "Motuuuurhead"?

LK: No, they don't. I only put it in there to look mean.

TW: Have you ever had a mullet?

LK: What's a mullet?

TW: Ya know, business in the front, party in the back?

LK: Oh. No, I've never had one and I don't see why I would in the future, either. 

TW: What are your guilty pleasures?

LK: I don't have any. I'm not guilty [laughs].

TW: You did the theme music for the wrestler HHH. How'd you get involved with that?

LK: Somebody played him one of our albums and he decided he wanted us to do the music. I don't really like wrestling.

TW: If you were a professional wrestler what would your name be?

LK: Motorhead.

TW: Which would be more amusing: a house full of puppies burning, or a school bus full of children tumbling down a cliff?

LK: This is a difficult choice. They both have their appeal. I'll go with the bus full of school children. At least dogs grow up to be faithful. School children just grow up to be f*cking people.

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