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McCoy said he’s fine

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy said he will be fine after suffering a stinger in the shoulder and neck area in the 45-42 loss at Kansas State on Saturday, according to a statement released by the team.

“I’m really disappointed I wasn’t able to be in there helping my teammates, but I’m going to be fine,” McCoy said in the statement. “We have a great staff of trainers and doctors, and I’ve already started working with them to get my injury taken care of. The off-week couldn’t come at a better time. I’ll do everything it takes to get back.”

Team trainer Kenny Boyd said McCoy will continue to be evaluated during the bye week.

“After the injury, Colt experienced shoulder weakness and neck pain,” Boyd said. “When evaluating injuries, we look for return of normal strength and a reduction of pain before putting a player back into the game. Colt wasn’t released to play because his symptoms, including strength, did not improve.”

Senior offensive lineman Justin Blalock injured his left knee during the game and also will continue to be evaluated.

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By scratchaliefindathief

November 14, 2006 01:09 PM | Link to this

What's missing in the secondary? Well, he's in Oakland now. His name? Michael Huff. That's whats missing in the secondary...A "Chief". A mechanic, a coach on the field that understood offenses so much that he was able to put people in the right positions last year to be successful. The perfect combination to a Michael Griffin. Mike likes to hit folks, ring their bell, probably should have been a weak side linebacker. He would be great right there if he could bulk up because he likes to free lance on the field and head hunt but his coverage is horrible. His brother, Marcus, yes he is very talented but he just doesnt have the leadership to be a safety at a big time program right now nor the confidence. I think he lurks behind his big brothers shadow. The two of them in the secondary together is a good idea on paper but bad idea on the field. Terrell Brown, just hasnt come full circle this year and Aaron Ross, great player but he's not a shut down corner. Let me be the first one to say it. Quentin Jammer is a lock down corner, with size, speed and the bravado to knock your block off. So it will be interesting to see what the secondary will look like next year. And man, we have to get some faster linebackers that are able to cover folks and still be an intimidating force regarding being able to knock the snot out of folks. Oh, and by the way, can we get a DT?

By Keith

November 14, 2006 10:58 AM | Link to this

We're in the hunt for the Big-12...a BCS Bowl and we'll be contender for some time to come! Could be worse...remember the days of the previous Coach Mac and the UCLA debacle at home? NO worries.....we'll send the poor Aggies packing and we'll be headed for a a big bowl game....Fran is a good coach but he's not or lose we're always The University of Texas and Austin is our town....who wants to go home to College Station?

By Keith

November 14, 2006 10:53 AM | Link to this

With a bright future ahead with McCoy and Snead in the drivers seat, a loss to K-State while painful shouldn't lead to depression.....want to argue that thought? Remember the UCLA debacle with the previous Coach Mac? We're still in the hunt for the Big 12 Championship and a BCS Bowl...we'll be contenders for some time to come and we all want a Championship every year...however we know how rare and special they are are...cheer-up we've been in the dumps like Florida State and Miami...we've got good years ahead....and we'll send the poor Aggies packing once again! After all...We are The University of Texas!

By Perry D

November 14, 2006 09:31 AM | Link to this

How you handle a loss defines what and who you are, so let's give kudos to K.St., and get back to work.

By James

November 14, 2006 06:28 AM | Link to this

Bottom line, if you are the #5 team in the nation and score 42 points, you should win.

With some hard work and guts, we can end 12 and 2. I can live with that.

By James

November 14, 2006 06:22 AM | Link to this

Hey DM,

aggy is also about 5 points from 5 loses.

By Phil W

November 14, 2006 05:42 AM | Link to this

If you are going to run into the middle of the the defense in the "red zone" - why not put a BIG back into the game? Why in the world would you use Charles, Young, or your freshman quarterback? And I'm not talking about Melton, either (he's shown to be somewhat ineffectual running the ball in tough situations). Sergio Kindle is a damn fine POWER running back as well as an excellent linebacker. Can't the UT offense coaches think outside of the box?

By Brad S.

November 14, 2006 05:24 AM | Link to this

Hey Sooner Looser! 28-10!

By David S.

November 14, 2006 04:21 AM | Link to this

I agree that a quarterback sneak is in all college playbooks. But this was a freak accident? Accident I’m sure, but far from freaky unless you consider the mindless decision making in play calling. How can you run practically the same play four times in a row on the one yard line and call it genius? I say practically because it wasn’t four quarterback sneaks. I think it was two (without reviewing the game film,) with two other running plays using the almost the exact same play set and motion. That’s like telling the opposing team what you’re doing and where the ball is going. You might as well invite them into your huddle while you reveal your offensive prowess.

In that argument why would teams have to worry about creating, studying and learning playbooks? Code, create hand signals or use duel decoy play callers? Why would coaches need to cover their mouths when discussing plays over the headphones or hide their notes from the TV cameras? Would there be a need to cover up windows in the coach’s booth so as to shield them from TV cameras and curious spectators or even a need to have offensive personnel in the coach’s booth at all? I mean why have someone up there watching, calculating and developing strategies to counter the other teams plays if you will just announce what you are going to do every play. How bout we put a big target on the ball carrier so there won’t be any guessing as to who you need to hit and tackle? Why? One reason…..that’s how people get hurt. That series showed a lack of respect for our opponent and we paid for it.

109th out of 118 in the country in pass defense….where do you think teams that play us are going to focus? I would venture to guess that no one could make the secondary or Aaron Ross feel any worse than they do already. Worrying about how many tackles, getting caught gawking into the backfield, having awards and accolades dancing in your head are worries for a coach that should have been able to do something about it by now.

The Longhorn coaches were the losers Saturday. Pride bit us in the a**e and it’s the coaches that should be humbled and apologetic. I for one would like to hear Chizik or Akina say something……anything constructive.

By Fitzhugh

November 14, 2006 01:22 AM | Link to this

Come on people! QB sneaks are routine plays. Teams at all levels execute the sneak. This was a freak accident. Let it rest.


November 13, 2006 11:27 PM | Link to this

As a Sooner I am embarassed by the assinine comment posted here. Texas does not suck. I would say that the Longhorns can beat Texas A&M with old Sooner QB Daryl Royal at the helm. As much as we Sooners might like to have Texas lose, they won't.

Also, that dive by Peterson wasn't pointless if you were paying attention to the redzone offense the week before that in Dallas. I guess it proves that there are idiot fans at both of these mostly knowledgable football schools.

By Roland

November 13, 2006 10:19 PM | Link to this

When Colt McCoy went down so did the team but unfortnately a learning experience just as it was with Vince Young at one time. The desire to win a BCS championship will be much stronger next year. We'll see you next year in Phoenix Longhorns !

By JanW

November 13, 2006 09:49 PM | Link to this

So, if Texas sucks and they STILL beat OU, what does that say about the Sooners?

By Allen

November 13, 2006 08:21 PM | Link to this

For the sooner guy at the top.... At least our heisman candidate didn't break his collar bone on a pointless dive in to the end zone. Idiot

By david T

November 13, 2006 07:22 PM | Link to this

TEXASS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!


GO SOONERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By Wayne

November 13, 2006 05:54 PM | Link to this

Run up the middle on first and goal when your as close to the goal line as the Horns. Maybe try it once more, then try something different. And don't make your quarterback do it. I guarantee the Horns would have won that game with Colt the same way they won the rest of their games had Colt not gotten hurt. Kansas St. won't last long with virtually no running game. Texas Tech re-learns this fact year in and year out. I really thought our problems with the pass-defense problems had been partially solved when we played Okla. St. I was wayyyyyy off. I don't think the Aggies are our problem, but the Huskers are damn sure gonna be. "Hook Em' Horns".

By Texhawk

November 13, 2006 05:40 PM | Link to this

I,too, am a die-hard Longhorn fan but without VY last season would have been another in a long line of under-achieving seasons. How can you have one of the 5 best recruiting classes year after year and still fail to perform well in all areas? The O line can't block anyone, the D line can't rush anyone, the D backs certainly can't guard anyone, the running backs cannot hold onto the ball, the receivers continue to drop very catchable balls, the special teams are miserable and the play calling sucks. Other than those SMALL items they are really good. How about our coaches getting into the grills of guys that screw up instead of patting them on the butt and clapping!
I'm embarrassed and disgusted by that display on Saturday night.

By Pat

November 13, 2006 05:28 PM | Link to this

Agreed that backup qb should be given every opportunity (in blow-out games) to gain exposure for obvious reasons...
Bad decision by coach to instead go for STYLE and HEISMAN points...
What can 6 td's & record breaking do now???

By Kelly

November 13, 2006 03:50 PM | Link to this

At any given moment your back up is only one step away from being a starter. It is very clear that Snead should have been given the opportunity to play during those blow out games. What a disappointing performance from the coaching staff. Facts are facts, Greg Davis's inability to effectively distinguish the play calling and putting Colt in an impossible postion is on him. Worse than that, Mack Brown accepts his performance or lack there of. People talk about the price of disrespect was a loss, note to Colt appreciate you stepping in and rally around Jevan. Great job Jevan, be patient your turn is right around the corner, we'll be there to support you!

By hawg

November 13, 2006 03:20 PM | Link to this

Here's my take:

Two bad things happended Saturday night:

1. Colt got hurt.
2. We lost our shot at a national championship bid.

Two good things happended Saturday night:

1. Those of you who think a "successful" season at UT requires a national championship are brought back to reality.

2. We watched KSU exploit our weaknesses without pity. Hopefully, the coaching staff didn't fumble the game tapes.

Couple of side notes:

We scored 42, they scored 45 - the only offensive problem there is its 3 less than the other team, not a problem with a freshman quarterback being thrown into the fray.

Last time I checked Duane Akina is in charge of the defensive backs, not Chizik.

Greg Davis will be the offensive coordinator as long as Mack is here (let's hope that's a long time) so learn to live with it.

The Aggies and anyone else we happen to play this year will go deep until their receivers get tired. After Baylor, Tech, Nebraska, KSU why wouldn't they.

By Buddy

November 13, 2006 02:04 PM | Link to this

Serious Question: Does anyone know why we are not using Jordan Shipley more often? This guy is lightning as a WR and great for reverses and other non conventional plays.

By Buddy

November 13, 2006 02:00 PM | Link to this

Serious Question: Does anyone know why we are not using Jordan Shipley more often? This guy is lightning as a WR and great for reverses and other non conventional plays.

By Tussell

November 13, 2006 01:12 PM | Link to this

Here's what we know:

1) The O-line is NOT the best in the country; they should've blown KSU off the ball for the first TD and saved Colt, but they got stuffed

2) Texas is the ONLY team that I can recall that falls for every trick play and that cannot stop a screen or reverse more than 50% of the time.

3) Greggy Boy needs to take some remedial geometry as the horizontal passing game isn't going to get you anywhere

4) The D-line is supremely overrated. They simply cannot get any 4 man pressure

5) Greggy also needs to mix in a little scheme now and then based on defensive tendancies. He still calls plays as if he were playing a video game.

6) The secondary is overrated, especially Aaron Ross. Ted Ginn lit him up like an LA riot. If I recall, Marcus Griffin was a walk-on originally? Where is the depth?

7) Chizek is NOT a guru. He should be doing much better with the pass defense.

8) The co-defensive coordinator model is a joke and should be scrapped. Have you ever seen a successful company run by co-CEOs? If Genie leaves, Macko should give Akina complete control.

9) Did I mentioned that Greggy couldn't scheme his way to the donut shop to grab another dozen?

10) UT pampers its athletes too much. This takes the edge off required to really lay the wood to the opposition...


November 13, 2006 12:47 PM | Link to this

To DM, Aggies did NOT "almost" beat UT last year. We won by 11 points, that's more than two scores. Colt McCoy will come back and put up a big win at home.


November 13, 2006 12:41 PM | Link to this

The excuse for Colt getting hurt is only one blame "GREG DAVIS", he needs to be fired NOW!!! I mean who runs the same play 3 times in a row and it still didn't work. I mean I can call better calls then that and I'm female, HAHA!! He doesn't know when to make the right play calling, he runs the ball on 3rd down and 12 yards, get the heck out of here!!

By Calihorn56

November 13, 2006 12:36 PM | Link to this

Coulda, shoulda, woulda. All these comments about how the Horns should have done this or not have done that. Like the song says, it don't make no difference now. But as someone else pointed out, these players are young amateurs not professionals and mistakes will be made. I think that under the very trying circumstances that Texas faced in a hostile environment, they never stopped fighting to the very end and ending up losing by 3 points. It wasn't as if they lost 55-21(USC - Oklahoma). First, they lose Colt, then they bring a very green Snead who did his best to win the game and almost did. But the 2 fumbles and blocked kick, the totally inept Texas secondary, and the fired up Kansas State team were just too much to overcome. So give the Longhorns some credit for hanging in there and for trying to overcome all the bad breaks. I am looking forward to the team bouncing back to beat A&M and Nebraska, and then most likely, Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.


November 13, 2006 12:31 PM | Link to this

Why was Colt given the chance to throw SIX t/d's
against Baylor????

Who cares about having a record setting freshman Q/B. Mack should have given the other freshman (Snead) more playing time !!!

By Philip

November 13, 2006 12:09 PM | Link to this

Was I watching a different game, because I saw a completely inaffective quarterback who had the touch of stone monument. I never fully appreciated how good McCoy was until I saw Snead. Please get well....


November 13, 2006 11:44 AM | Link to this

The Texas A&M University Aggies are just 5 points short of an undefeated season. 3 point loss to Texas Tech, 1 point to Oklahoma, 1 point to Nebraska. The were heart breaking losses. I'm not making excuses. We did exactly what the Longhorns did with K-State. Just got out-coached and out-played in the last 60 seconds of each game. I don't know why are or all the dynamics of the game. I'm not a coach. One thing is the changed game-clock rules throw a kink in the rythym of the game that coaches have been accustomed. I know both teams play with the same game clock. However, if you throw in something unorthadox in the mix, sometimes you get an unorthadox result. One thing for sure is that the Aggies are getting better every year under Fran. I think the Aggies should be patient with Fran. Stability over the long run is better. And I digress. If you think the Aggies are going to lay down for the horns, think again. The Aggies almost beat the Horns last year with VY. My prediction, the Aggies will pull an upset and play in the Holiday Bowl. Oklahoma will be Big 12 Champs. The Horns will be vying for an Alamo Bowl or Sun Bowl Bid.

By Cynthia

November 13, 2006 11:36 AM | Link to this

Man oh Man....Horns...I'm a diehard, but for goodness sakes...That game was pitiful. I agree with every poster that Colt should not have been plugging it in on 4th down. That in itself was disgraceful. I have to say also that in spite of the injuries, butterfingers seemed to be the catch phrase of the evening. TWO hands guys...TWO hands....

Anyhow...Much love out to Studdard, the G-brothers and everyone who really did play hard. It was an inexcusable loss, but number 11? Please....Let's see what happens this week and where we end up. I mean...Notre Dame beat Air Force....Give us all a break! I think the BCS needs serious help!

So...Guys....Listen up...Don't let the Scaggies from A&M ruin your chances. Play hard....LOOK at the tapes and L E A R N!

Mack....Gotta talk straight to the fellas!

Still love ya!

Hook Em'!

By Buddy

November 13, 2006 11:34 AM | Link to this

Ok, so everyone talks bad about the secondary and rightfully so. Am I the only one who sees that our kicking game is HORRENDOUS and is a MAJOR factor in those close games and even our losses? Kudos to Ryan Bailey for his point afters - finally, someone you can rely on. But, can we ever get a ball into the endzone on a kick-off? How many out of bounds kicks have we seen this year? TOO MANY! We're also constantly kicking into the opposing teams most dangerous return guys. Punting is abysmal, too. The only reason for Greg Johnson's stats is from meaningless situations and favorable bounces. His replacements are as bad as he is.

By Pat

November 13, 2006 11:26 AM | Link to this

The loss at K State was devestating to so many of us but I discovered that life goes on the next morning when I awoke. There's another day ahead and more work to do. I just wonder when we'll ever have a dominating defense, obviously absent from several games this year but not as bad as this game.
We can't blame Greg Davis for this loss. Yes, I think I would have called it different on 1st. and goal other than 2 QB sneaks which ultimately cost us our QB. I just don't understand not using Henry Melton anymore.
I'm hurt, we're all hurting but we'll survive. I just hope the coaches and players right the ship and get ready for A&M cause they're licking their chops after the debockal in Kansas. Hook 'em, Horns!

By Buddy

November 13, 2006 11:06 AM | Link to this

Texas WILL NOT lose to A&M! As bad as Texas could ever be this year, they are still better than A&M. How sorry are the hapless Aggies! This is the only game this year where I would tell my players they don't really have to try - and I wouldn't even say that if we were playing Rice. Colt, go ahead and take off a few more weeks, 'cause we won't need you for the Ags.

By Dusty

November 13, 2006 10:57 AM | Link to this

Here are a few things I'm tired of from this coaching staff:

1. The "let's just survive their opening surge, then let's play football." That's bogus - we should be ready to play from the GET GO.
2. "The reason why the other team runs so many trick plays is out of respect for our defense." That's fine - but that's no reason why you shouldn't stop them! That's only flattering WHEN YOU STOP THEM. And - if our crack coaching staff knows this, why not practice against this during the week? I haven't played football in 20 years, and trick plays haven't changed, you've got the Halfback Pass to tight-end or qb, the double reverse and double reverse pass. How hard is that? Iowa State, Baylor, Nebraska, and KSU were 100% successful on every single gadget they tried against us. That's disgraceful.
3. Can any of our coaches show some emotion to these players? When Palmer (or Foster) gets TWO interference penalties on punts, Mack or someone should have been chewing his ace off on that sideline.
4. The line about "We didn't get beat, we just ran out of time." That's a cop out by Mack, whose team got man-handled Saturday night. RBs laid it on the ground all night, TE's, WRs dropped crucial passes, and K State laid the wood on Texas ALL NIGHT.
5. Limas Sweed is overrated. He is the UT equivalent of Terrell Owens. For every plus he brings a negative. If he makes that catch in the 3rd quarter, Texas wins the game.

This is inexcusable from a team poised for a 2nd consecutive BCS title game. If Mack thinks he reached his pinnacle, and somehow his team struggling on the road means another crown just wasn't meant to be, then step aside. This team should be prepared to play every week and ready to defense the kitchen sink, knowing we're going to get the other team's BEST SHOT. If he didn't like getting steamrolled by KSU fans storming the field, 'for the safety of [his] players,' then he better starting motivating his players again or he better exit his players before the clock hits double zero, or he's going to see that a lot more of that. Saturday night was a disgrace and I don't care if we won it all last year, this team shouldn't lose like this against inferior opponents.

By Debbie

November 13, 2006 10:44 AM | Link to this

Good job Snead you did a good job and sorry we didn't win but you won in our hearts because we are true fans now manner what happens we are all winners in the Lords eyes.

By Allen

November 13, 2006 10:11 AM | Link to this

Snead did OK...It took him WAY too long to settle down and hit the open guys...but he's certainly NOT the reason Texas lost. McCoy is the QB and needs as many snaps as possible. Some of you folks calling for more playing time for Snead don't remember which side you were on the last time a proven winner was benched for a QB with more talent and a rocket arm. This is Colt McCoy's football team. As for the pass defense, I"m at a loss. They are making the same mistakes they made the very 1st game. Totally unacceptable.

By bj

November 13, 2006 10:10 AM | Link to this

Saturday night was the first time I've cried myself to sleep since I was a little kid. Oh, what could have been...

By Darrin

November 13, 2006 09:54 AM | Link to this

Greg Davis says Young and Charles are not the type of runners to bang it up the middle. So on the opening series we are first and goal. Davis calls four runs (or QB sneak) up the middle?!?! Why would Davis do this? If our O-line is so superb why in the world can we not push the D-line back and pound it in the endzone?? And then what happens? We lose McCoy. Just plain stupid in every aspect. Yes, the secondary and Chizek are also to blame. Where were the adjustments? Where was the intensity and hustle by the secondary? It was obvious K-State intended to pass all night long so why did the secondary have so many problems? I just don't understand the play calling by our coaches at all. Snead did pretty good, all things considered, but 100% of the blame goes to the coaches. Unacceptable.

By Danny Boy

November 13, 2006 09:47 AM | Link to this

Mack is more concerned about Colt setting records than getting Jevan game time experience. Aaron Ross was burned by North Texas for their only touchdown, burned by Ohio State for a momentum killer before half, scorched repeatedly by Texas Tech, burned by Nebraska on guess what, a trick play, and burned again by KSU. He is a good tackler but his coverage skills are average and inconsistent. Overall he's good but nowhere near a Thorpe finalist. Four interceptions, when did he make a big one when it counted? Texas needs to play better non-conference games and get more players playing time so they will have experience and confidence when it counts. Everyone blames our loss on fumbles and a blocked punt but we blocked one of theirs, blew up a fake punt, intercepted a true freshman, but KSU merits kudos for overcoming their miscues and beating a 16 point favorite. The old adage of "one game at a time" needs to be followed or we won't even make the Big 12 Championship. Texas could easily have four losses instead of two if not for miracle wins on the road. A&M could easily have no losses if not for miracle losses at home. Next week is a better matchup than most are giving credit for and Texas better realize they can't just show up, rely on miracles and win. Other teams can play too. The biggest disappointment is how KSU showed great heart even though they were overmatched against a Texas team that is the best money can buy (facilities, coaching, recruiting, national exposure, getting an underserving cornerback on a list he doesn't belong on, etc.) and Texas' pedigree players couldn't find good old fashioned heart that doesn't cost any money.

By Alookman

November 13, 2006 09:44 AM | Link to this

Texas had a major meltdown, and it couldnt have happened at worse time. What ever happened to our great defense? Obviously, we are susceptible to pass attack, but where was the pass rush? I didnt see any significant pressure on frehman QB? UT defense sits back and allows QBs to get in rhytmn and I question that strategy.

UT better put its house in order or we are going to another junkyard bowl!

By TMR '93

November 13, 2006 09:16 AM | Link to this

One word "Overconfidence"...Horns we love you! But we still have to go out and play every game, that includes the coaches!!

We know Mack is trying to convert Henry "Hank the Tank" Melton to Defensive End, but for goodness sakes, put him back in on short yardage plays...he did great last year, and you haven't given him enough reps this year, of course he is going to be soft if he only gets one or two carries every 4 games...we need to use all four of our running backs...or at least bench Selvin, and let Jamaal get the carries he deserves...when you split time with running backs, you create fumbles because they are taking unnecessary chances trying to squeeze out "extra" yardage in order to stay in the game. Define the roles of our running backs, instead of having interchangeable "twins"...Then we will see the trademark Longhorn running game.

We still believe in you Horns! Colt is amazing and it looks like Jevan is going to be a great one too!

Hook em'!

By Larry

November 13, 2006 09:15 AM | Link to this

Sounds like Little Billys team can't beat Texas so he just has to depend on others. Such a sad little life. I'm thinking he owns a maroon and white shirt.

By shelley hall

November 13, 2006 08:53 AM | Link to this

Turnovers will turn a team into losers.... simple mechanics of holding onto the football, blocking and defense was the backbreaker is this game. All those rb's and rely on the qb to score, SAD! Put it together before A&M cause they are a bag of trick plays.

By jclary

November 13, 2006 08:29 AM | Link to this

Any thoughts as to having Ryan Palmer sell popcorn? How many penaltys has he drawn for the year? Given the experience and size of the o-line, McCoy's injury is on the coaches heads. It appears the secondary is more interested in reading their indivual press clippings and where they stand in trophy/award hunts, than playing their positions and shutting down receivers. Not sure, but it appears Gene Chizik has left the building.

By stewy

November 13, 2006 08:28 AM | Link to this

DD - wake up! Love for Greg Davis? Our O-line is supposed to be one of the best in the nation. Why does it take 4 downs (and a stinger to McCoy) for us to get in the end zone from inside the one? That's ridiculous...


November 13, 2006 08:04 AM | Link to this

How about some love for Greg Davis -- 42 points from a freshmen QB thrown into the hotseat.

Why not call for Chizik's resignation 45 points!! If you look back on Brown's tenure, lack of defense is much more apparent in big games than lack of offense. Chizik doesn't seem to be the one to build that "Championship" defense.

By Ozzie

November 13, 2006 07:47 AM | Link to this

3 turnovers that led to 3 touchdowns .... that's the game in a nutshell.

By Jim

November 13, 2006 06:44 AM | Link to this

1)The conference championship isn't won yet
2) With the O-Line we have, we should not have to be sneaking the QB from the 1. The D-Line should wind up in the stands and the tail backs should be walking in.
3)Jevan Snead shouldn't be criticized. No real playing time this year, and if we had a defense, 42 points should have been plenty
4) Greg Davis gets an awful lot of criticism. But, the defensive coaching staff does not. I am not advocating criticizing the defensive staff, but maybe Davis should get a little more support.

By Marlon

November 13, 2006 06:29 AM | Link to this

Baptism by fire! I thought Jevan Snead did a great job filling in for Colt McCoy. He got his first real significant playing time on the road, in a hostile environment, at night, and in the cold. Although K-state was not a great team, it was not Sam Houston State. Good job Jevan. I wish only that the other great players on the Longhorn squad would have rallied around Jevan better. The other 21 player ought to be ashamed of how they performed; dropped passes, fumbles, D-backs out of position. Seams like you did not respect your opponent enough. The price for disrespect was a loss.

By tom

November 13, 2006 06:17 AM | Link to this

Great Job Little Billy--
Not only do you show your class and intellect with your tee-hee post about the longhorns losing but your lack of grammar speaks well for your maroon or crimson blood--not.

By Little Billy

November 13, 2006 03:43 AM | Link to this

You Texas lovers are counting on the big 12 championship and a trip to the fiesta bowl. Last time I checked the big 12 south was still undecided and you have another game. Somebody to think about morons.

Oh yeh, great game against K State last weekend. HAHA.

By bj23

November 13, 2006 01:26 AM | Link to this

My prediction was a rematch between our horns and ohio state for national championship and the only thing that can prevent this from happening is injury to colt and unfortunately it happened. I'm disappointed just like everybody else, but come on, our horns just give us our first national championship in a long time and they're having a very good season despite having a freshman quarterback. Give them some credit, they'll go to the Big 12 championship with McCoy this year and hold on to your breath, 'cause the next 3 years it's going to be a texas show all the time with McCoy and the rest of the gang. Give our horns credit for trying their best to come back in that game, and for all people out there questioning the qb sneak play - all I can say is, it's football, and if you turn the ball over few times you'll loss the game. Our horns lost the game not because of the qb sneak play and our pass defense, it's the turnovers that hurt us in that game, and I don't care how good you are, if you turn the ball over and give your opponent a good field position every turnover, just like texas did, the chance of winning the game is pretty slim.

By Gimme me a headache powder

November 13, 2006 01:09 AM | Link to this

Texas gave away its National Championship chances to a team which out coached, out played, out thought, out game planned, tricked and out scored the Horns.

This was an Old Fashioned Barbed Wire Enema. Texas took it where the sun don't shine.

KS owned our secondary. They skinned them like roadkill. TWO TRICK plays and still they were out of position. The Texas secondary should be forced to pee sitting down from now on cause KS took their manhood on the field.

How about a north south running game which harnesses the 50 lb O line advantage and uses RBs who can HANG ONTO THE DAMN BALL?

KS sacked our QB at will. How about some blocking?

TX goes from #3 to #13 because of KS's Prince out coaching our coaches. The Texas team that beat OU beats KS by 25 any day of the week.

By mlj

November 13, 2006 12:57 AM | Link to this

Hey, last time I checked, Jevan Snead was not playing running back or defensive back or punting.

Texas lost because its defensive secondary is massively overrated --- KS threw two trick plays in a freakin' row and still they didn't get the message. KS does not respect the Texas secondary. They took a dump in the secondary's helmets. Way, way overrated!

Let's use big, big running backs on short and goal --- let's not risk the only player on the field who can't be readily replaced. Put Melton in and tell him to run over people. UT is still a state school, isn't it? Let's play some smash mouth. Lack of coaching judgment!

Running backs have to hold onto the damn ball. Not a difficult or new concept. Stop dancing and run north-south and use the 35 lb O line advantage to our advantage. What a bunch of baloney that Texas has a couple of stud running backs. They are not very impressive. Bad plays and bad play calling!

Two fumbles and A BLOCKED KICK?

If Jevan Snead is the only insurance policy we got, let's get him some real game big time reps, no? The kid played pretty good --- 35 points and 190 yards but he needs to be given real big game experience. This flaw alone has cost the Longhorns a shot at a second national championship. Big time coaching failure!

I predict the Horns struggle mightily with the Aggies and might just lose against Tx A & M come turkey day. God forbid!

By TexMex

November 13, 2006 12:33 AM | Link to this

Poooooor aggy.

Just a couple of things to understand prior to the massacre that awaits them T+1
#1. True Texas has marked deficiencies in pass defense (ranked 108 out of 119 as of today). That said will Stephen "one hop" Mcgee be able to exploit them ? A: Only if Jordan Shipley changes rosters.
#2. The game is in austin. Do we really need to go over this ? Remember when aggy last won in Austin........1994.
#3. gary darnell
#4. Mack Brown = embarrasement for aggy.
#5. Dennis "send in the kicker " franchione
#6. Healthy Colt McCoy.

See you all in KC!!!!!!!!!!

By joef

November 13, 2006 12:04 AM | Link to this

Dear Santa, please send us a offensive coordinator who can use other backs than the quarterback sneak... not once but twice with first and goal!

By Mario C. Azares

November 12, 2006 11:55 PM | Link to this

I agree with Coach Brown for keeping Colt McCoy
on the side line after the accident. Keep Colt well rested for the Turkey shot and big 12 champioship. So they are #11, there a lot going to happened before the season is over.If you take a close look of the tackle, it came in late
a downright CHEAP SHOT.
Good thing came out of that game. With some
more practice, it shows what Jevan Snead can do.

By duderanch9

November 12, 2006 11:18 PM | Link to this

i believe this team wins due to talent. but their technique is very weak. very undisciplined too, many costly penalties. how can the same guy interfere with a fair catch twice in one game. ross had a shot at an interception for td in first half. our secondary is too eager on play action passes and gets burned, see nebraska and ttu games. i just think that there is too much talent and not much technique and discipline

By Jay-Horn

November 12, 2006 11:15 PM | Link to this

Two fumbles and a blockled punt.
The score was 21-21 and then...
Two fumbles and a blocked punt.
Trick plays or not. Starters banged up or not.
Secondary looser than Anna Nicole Smith at an Senior Citizens Singles night.
Two Fumbles and a Blocked punt.

By RooDawg

November 12, 2006 11:03 PM | Link to this

Quit whinning and complaining!! This is college football and you have a group of young guys at the skill position who have done well most of the year. Was the loss a bad one? Sure it was. But that doesnt mean that you change the skill kids because they made mistakes in this one game. They havent played like that all year. As for the QB sneak that got Colt hurt. That's just football. He could have gotten hurt any other time in the game. And why would you hand the ball off to another back 4 yards from the goalline when you are only inches away from it as a QB? It wasnt a great call but it wasnt what lost the game.

By Rob

November 12, 2006 11:00 PM | Link to this

I remember before the Rose Bowl last year, they (pundits) were saying it was better that Vince didn't get the Heisman, Horns weren't ranked number 1, because it gave them extra reason to prove themselves. K-State had that this game. Hopefully we bottle that up and keep it for about 5 years and always remember it in similar situations in the future.

By Odd Ball

November 12, 2006 10:47 PM | Link to this

I am not a Longhorn fan, but love footbal so maybe can bring some objectivity here. The defense gave up too many points of course. But momentum is huge catalyst in college football and when Colt got hurt the momentum shifted and the defense got Whooped. That said, it is amazing that the horns did not lose to Nebraska and Texas Tech. You would think their helmets were gold and there was a leprechaun on the sidelines with all that luck.Those games were close because of that bonehead genius they call Greg Davis. If I was a Longhorn fan I would be disgusted with that guy. The ONLY reason UT won a championship last year was Vince Young. The defense was pretty good, but lets face it, that Vince guy was pretty good. He made Greg Davis look like a genius last year. His play calling is some of the dumbest I have seen. Why was Colt even trying a QB sneak when you have that Melton guy to follow that huge lineman they bring in for short yardage? Unless Vince Young's twin comes along, UT will not win another championship until Greg Davis is gone.

By James

November 12, 2006 10:28 PM | Link to this

Santa pleae bring a RB. I never thought the loss of RT would hurt so bad, but not having a back how will run tough and hold onto the ball is really starting to show. With all the top recruits we've had, how come none of them are RB's? Neither Selvin or Jamal would start on half the teams in the Big 12. Look at OU, they lose their top 2 backs and put in a 3rd string guy who runs like a bull and can fly.

Chris O. is the only one we have and I say give him the start. Send Jamal back to track, Selvin can retun kicks and pull Melton's scholarship.

Come on Mack, bring on a Ricky or Cedric. Oh yea, you may want to reconsider NOT giving scholarhips to kickers.

By Joe

November 12, 2006 10:11 PM | Link to this

It's so refreshing to read that my fellow Longhorn diehards have it right while the Statesman staff has it wrong again. The loss of Colt to injury was not the downfall - Jevan Snead stepped in and played well - yes, he was off on a few passes but 35 points, 190 yards, no interceptions kept us in the game. And yes there were a few sacks, a couple of key fumbles deep in Texas territory, a couple of dropped passes that could have gone for long gains if not touchdowns, and a blocked punt that gave up good field position again.... sure, the Horns rushing defense was spectacular again but the biggest reason the Longhorns lost this one was 323 yards and three touchdowns passing....two of which were long passes with two Texas defenders within 5 yards of the receiver. Go figure!

By David S.

November 12, 2006 10:07 PM | Link to this

It's not "that" they scored so much, but "how" easily they scored that angers me. How does a team stay ranked in the top 20 with a pass defense ranked 102 in the country (worse now I'm sure)? Four tries at the one yard line, running practically the same play.....what genius contemplated that offensive mastery? Colt left the game and it seemed as though the whole demeanor changed. There were many still fired up, but seemingly more at the level and qaulity of play being delivered on the field. In the end, we got far more than our pride handed to us. Bottom line though.....we were flat out coached! I would certainly like to hear more than the bubblegum pleasantries offered by our head coach. What are we doing about the obvious problems that exist and who's to blame? Good luck with the Aggies. I know they would like to cap the rest of our season. Hold on to your hats, you thought we got rolled Saturday? What until the Aggies and (praying for) Cornhuskers get a shot at us.


November 12, 2006 09:38 PM | Link to this

Note to Kenneth:
The Horns' players want to win even more than you do. They just might read this bulletin board and learn that they are unappreciated.

I suspect that Davis and Mack wanted to give Colt as much experience as possible to get him ready for the Big 12 Championship and bowl games. A QB Sneak is usually not a dangerous play for a QB; this was a freak injury.

If we had won the K State, A&M and Big 12 Championship game, we would have wanted:
1) An experienced Colt to play against the Buckeyes, and
2) Colt to have a shot at the Heisman this year or next ... and he needs exposure.

Our defense does need to have more respect for the forward pass; after all, there is a downside to having the Number 1 or 2 ranking in Rush Defense.

We need balance. All of our guys are playing as hard as they can.

By twalsh

November 12, 2006 09:24 PM | Link to this

I love how every time someone caught a big pass and/or touchdown the announcers would say something to the effect of "that was against Aaron Harris, the Longhorns best pass defender."

I think after this happens a couple of times they can drop the "best pass defender" moniker.

By Bjorn

November 12, 2006 09:18 PM | Link to this

I still ove my Horns but every fumble I saw Saturday night reminded me of that fumble on the 1-yard line against Ohio State.

We, at least then, lost a shot to repeat as national champs. We fought back, only to lose it again. Don't know which one hurt more.

That said, Hook'em! (next year)

By Lone Horn in SEC land

November 12, 2006 09:17 PM | Link to this

Our DB's got schooled. I hope Gene can "circle the wagons" and come up with a defensive scheme to stop the Aggies. Remember, we start a back-to-back next year with the "Hogs" and we better get it together or be preparred to have our butts kicked.

By Julzee

November 12, 2006 09:16 PM | Link to this

Marcus Griffin is in way over his head. He's just not ready. I've said it before, put Drew Kelson in at his natural position at strong and put Micheal at free safety. Then and only then are we ready for anybody else.

By Kenneth

November 12, 2006 09:09 PM | Link to this

Let's review the things we all learned during the K State game!

1)Texas has only one player who gives them a shot at victory. Who is the offensive master mind who thought it was a good idea to throw that player away on a stupid, stupid, uneccessary qb sneak? Especially after K State had vigorously slammed the door on them three straight times already!

2) Scholarships should only be given to defensive backs who can actually compete. Texas' defensive backs couldn't cover a text book, much less a Division 1 receiver. A&M's receivers are going to embarass them badly, and often, on the way to beating them like a rented mule.

3) If there are going to be two quarterbacks on the team, then it might be a good idea to have BOTH of them ready to go since we all know that every back-up is one injury away from being a starter.

4) According to NCAA rules, it is permissible for offensive linemen to block, protect, and otherwise participate in a game. Could some one please pass this on to UT's offensive line?

5) Offensive backs and receivers are allowed to hold the ball. They should try it. Good things can happen when you finish a play and the defense doesn't have the ball.

6) If the quarterback is going to be decent enough to hit you in the hands with a well thrown pass when no defenders are around, you should return the courtesy by catching the ball.

By the way, Texas would be doing itself a favor if they would stop offering scholarships to immature, head-up-a**, "gangsta wannabes". Any player who thinks running with thugs is more attractive than being a successful collegiate athlete on his way to a potentially lucrative NFL career should be considered way too stupid and useless to on the UT roster.

By Bevo

November 12, 2006 09:04 PM | Link to this

Moooooo Hissssss !@#

After the game i am still proud of our National Champions!

I just thought I would say it while it lasts. Text message your friends with National Champs tomorrow :).

Hook 'Em

p.s. I really like my air-conditioned trailer

By Julzee

November 12, 2006 09:03 PM | Link to this

I like Selvin, but he has been toting the ball for seems like 5 years and he is the same today as he was when he showed up, a fumbler. He has put it on the carpet every year many times for no reason, usually.


November 12, 2006 08:49 PM | Link to this

A couple of thoughts about our problems in the K State game.
1. The Horns' defense seems to encourage lots of tackles by our safeties. (Michael Huff received accolades for his many tackles last year.) The safeties seem eager to help out as soon as they sense a running play.
2. The Horns may have believed that they needed a runaway win to climb in the computer poll, causing "over eager" play on defense. Overeagerness is vulnerable to trick (or misdirection) plays.

By Marc

November 12, 2006 08:42 PM | Link to this

Give it up to the KSU coach. He had guts trying that long FG late in the game. That showed confidence not only in his kicker but also in his defense in case it had missed or been blocked. Our pass defense was brutal - even worse than against TTech. Finally, Mack will regret not playing Snead more in blow out games and letting him have opportunities to throw the ball. This shows the world that Colt is the real deal.

By J.C.

November 12, 2006 08:36 PM | Link to this

C'mon folks. You knew it was bound of happen we just didn't know when or where. When all the stars properly align, sometimes a "L" appears. K-State showed up with a "what the hell" attitude and threw caution to the wind. Armed with our mistakes, they took it away from us. Sure we had our chances, but, this night it simply was not to be. Maybe the problems can be corrected in time to capture the rest of the season and a big bowl...hope so.

By Pam

November 12, 2006 08:12 PM | Link to this

We're all very disappointed by the wretched outcome of the K State game. I wish that we hadn't placed our great, young quaterback in a somebody's-gonna-get-hurt position. Protecting him should be our top priority. However, I do wish as well that the benched Colt had shown more spirit and encouraged our Horns when the chips were down. (The cameras kept panning his utterly deflated face all night.) He's shown he's capable of that kind of courage and enthusiasm in the past (Nebraska). A little time and maturity...he's got the rest.
Hang in there Colt. We believe in you--Hook 'Em!

By Larry

November 12, 2006 08:11 PM | Link to this

It is so much fun to read about a tu loss. Hopefully we will start to be able to do it more often now. I am thinking so.

By Jim L.

November 12, 2006 07:56 PM | Link to this

I'd like to hear something from Chizik and Akina about the secondary situation. I think the reaction often seems very slow, that receivers separate too easily, or in what looks like zone coverages, the backs are reacting very slowly to the offensive options that are emerging. Give us a professional word, coaches! What is the main problem? What are you doing about it?

By TexMex

November 12, 2006 07:37 PM | Link to this

Melton is not a power back. He looked exceedingly soft against that powerhouse SHSU compiling a meager 2.6 avg per rush. Texas does not have a powerback on par with Lindale Whiteperhaps Mack should go with Chris Ogbonnaya in goal line situations

By Phattie

November 12, 2006 07:36 PM | Link to this

luck of the Horns finally caught up to us. Our secondary is pitiful and our opponents bag of tricks keeps coming out game after game. Come on guys do you not think these teams watch video from previous games...HELLO trick plays!!! Our secondary better be ready for the Aggies coming with their bag of tricks.

As far as dropping out of the top 10...beautiful we have been over rated all year and too many close games.

Sorry Horns...just speaking the truth and it hurts because I am a die hard HORN.

Now let's get to the FIESTA BOWL.


By Mary

November 12, 2006 07:21 PM | Link to this

Where was the defense? Did they suit up the little sisters of mercy. You can't say anything bad about the new little quarterback. He did manage to score 35 points.

By Larry

November 12, 2006 07:16 PM | Link to this

One thing I noticed that bothered me was why was Colt quarterback sneaking on consecutive plays against an obviously stacked defensive line? That's just begging for an injury to your quarterback. If you're going to try to overpower a defense like that. why not use a power fullback, ie. Henry Melton. And why has he seemingly disappeared the past several weeks? Didn't we learn anything from the Rose Bowl game watching Lindale White?

By Bobby

November 12, 2006 07:04 PM | Link to this

I agree with all of the previous posts - but I also think one big mistake was Palmers penalty on the punt which gave them the opportunity to kick the ultimate game winning field goal. The defense has done so well adjusting over the past few weeks - it seems that got lost on saturday.

By Don UT '61

November 12, 2006 06:58 PM | Link to this

The loss to K State can be summed up in a very poor secondary, probably our worst in many years, and to turnovers at crucial times by Jamaal Charles and Selvin Young. It is true that Jevan Snead struggled at times, but he still played well enough for us to get a win without the bad pass defense, and too many turnovers. They had better step up several notches before the Aggie game, or they will lose that one too. (Heaven forbid). Mack should have played Jevan more during the season, when some earlier games were out of reach from teams we played earlier. He needed more game experience than he had previously.
Now let's beat those "Uggies". Hook em.

By Mollie

November 12, 2006 06:45 PM | Link to this

As much as it hurts, I'm not too surprised by Saturday's outcome - too many close calls lately. The Longhorns seem to be a very unstable team. It doesn't take much to throw them out of sync. We got a glimpse of what our team can do when they attacked Kansas State after half-time. Too bad a couple of fumbles left our boys deflated. They tried, but just couldn't pull it together fast enough. I think Jevan did a good job for his first time out (remember Colt's first game?) Whatever happened to quarterback protection?! We have the talent, they just need to keep up the confidence!! GO Horns!

By milevin

November 12, 2006 06:41 PM | Link to this

Will Chris O get the start at tailback instead of Selvin Young or Jamaal Charles?

By John N.

November 12, 2006 06:31 PM | Link to this

What ever happen to the running game??? I don't see the production out of the running backs that we always had in the past.

By John

November 12, 2006 06:05 PM | Link to this

As for Snead YES he did a good job overall attempting to pull out the win. However, I pin the loss on our secondary! We should have never had to comeback. I thought we had All-Americans in the defensive backfield. I guess the secondary should stop reading all the praises and get down to playing like we have seen them do in the past.

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