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Pylon Ancillaries

EDO MBM specialises in the design, development and manufacture of airframe pylon ancillary equipment throughout NATO and the Western world. EDO MBM is one of the world leaders in arming unit and general ancillary equipment which so essential for a versatile airframe system. EDO MBM are continuously tracking the airframe/weapon market ensuring the airframes will be flexible enough to meet the challenges of future munitions requirements. This includes EDO MBM supporting the SAE 1760 and Miniature Munitions working groups.

Arming Units


Arming Units - Ball Detent
EDO MBM has developed and manufactured a versatile range of ball detent arming units which are designed into a wide variety of aircraft across many airforces. EDO MBM provide active support in the clearance of arming systems together with their related lanyard systems. Applications include the Hawk, Pampa, Tornado, Jaguar and Lynx.

Zero Retention Force Arming Units


Arming Units - Zero Retention Unit
EDO MBM are actively manufacturing the Zero Retention Force Arming Unit for the US armed services and are being designed into both future and legacy airframes through simple modular upgrades. The main benefits come from an increased reliability over ball detent arming units during safe jettison and widened tolerance bands for armed release and safe jettison. Due to the application specific nature of the arming unit there are many interface variants which are based around the central core arming unit solenoid. The arming unit solenoid system has been cleared for use in marine and high vibration requirements as called up in MIL-T-7743. Current applications include F-111, F-15, F/A-18 and AV-8B .

Connector Retention Unit


Connector Retention Unit
The Connector Retention Unit (CRU) has been designed and developed by EDO MBM to actively adjust and retain the electrical umbilical interconnect during loading and release. The system is designed to accept any MIL-C-38999 Series III connector system including the interconnects called up in MIL-STD-1760. The system ensures that the vertical store interconnect height is adjusted so that as the store is released it provides a direct pull force instantly. This resolves the problems of the large shell size interconnects used in MIL-STD-1760 interfaces binding together. The threshold for this effect is if the store interconnects exceeds 15 degrees from the vertical. This can be easily achieved if using a standard fixed strongpoint and a single connector lanyard length. The system is already operational on RAF Tornado GR4/4A and interest has been shown in this system for current upgrades and new build aircraft.

Field Replaceable Role Change Harnesses


Field Replaceable Role Change Harnesses
EDO MBM Technology Ltd in association with W L Gore & Associates and Deutsch Ltd have successfully launched the next generation MIL-STD-1760 ‘smart’ weapon snatch connector harness incorporating the EDO MBM Field Replaceable Connector System (FRCS). Unlike current MIL-DTL-38999/31 snatch connectors, FRCS provides an efficient, ‘jam free’ electrical interface on weapon disconnect with predictable and consistent separation forces.

FRCS was originally developed in response to the degraded operational capability resulting from high separation loads and harness damage universally experienced during ‘1760’ store releases. EDO MBM sought an alternative method to prevent the electrical connector from jamming. The FRCS solution was first embodied during the recent UK UOR integration of Enhanced Paveway II onto the Harrier GR7 and is currently being adopted on Tornado. FRCS roll change harnesses are now in full production and certified on several NATO fighter platforms.

End users will benefit considerably from the FRCS harness. In addition to being fully field replaceable/ repairable, the connector is self-aligning (preventing contact damage) and eases blind / recessed connector mating. The new design does not require any modification to the mating weapon connector or aircraft. FRCS can also be retro-fitted to existing harnesses.



Shearwires / Lanyards
EDO MBM has designed, supported and manufactured a wide variety of store Lanyards and Shearwires.

Strong Points


Strong Points
Fixed-point strongpoints are used to latch additional lanyards from the store to the airframe. The construction of the strongpoint ensures that the fitment of this system is simple to implement onto the airframe pylon and has a positive latch to ensure the lanyard cannot slip off of the strongpoint. These systems are essential for systems which require post release actuation of store wings or stabilisation systems.

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