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Welcome to Transcendence Mods. Here we have a collection of mods for the rogue-like game Transcendence. All mods are free to download and share. Have Fun!

If you have any mods you would like added here then send them to the email address in the links section. If you have questions about specific mods, some of the authors contact details are in their section.

27/02/06 GiNZiNG has made a modding reference page. It collects all the miscellaneous data from the source, such as damage types and what you can make at a tinker's, and puts them in a very nicely done page. Check it out now!

Some files hosted here are compressed using WINRAR. To uncompress them, get WINRAR here. Despite being a trial, you can use it indefinately for free. The rest are compressed into ZIP files.

The latest version of Transcendence, V0.96a, is now available at the offical site. New additions include making the Wolfen playable. Due to the update, some mods may not work. Please contact me if you find a broken mod.

Forums - The new modding forums are up, so any questions/ideas etc are welcome there!


Latest Mods

03/04/06 - 8 New mods - 4 Ships | 4 Misc Mods

11/03/06 - New Mods - Dakota - Ship Pack 2 - Dvlenk6 - Planet expansion pack - Aegeus - Exotica Launcher | 1M Battle auton player ship

08/03/06 - Lots more mods - 1 Armour Mod | 8 Item Mods | 1 Misc Mod | 6 Ship Mods | 3 Weapon Mods

03/03/06 - New Mods and Updates- Yugimotomanager -Corporate Cruiser ThorWarriorX - STT Ships | Ghost | STT Misc | STT Weapons | EnDuKa Dakota - Torpedo launcher

01/03/06 - Lots of mods today - Oddbob - Transport | Oddbob's Autons | Nomad Salvagers the Holy Thom - Holy Inc v1.0 - Dakota - Torpedo launcher

27/02/06 - 1 New Modder - Yugimotomanager Fichikai Armor Classes I-V

Mod of the Month

Mod Title: Player Ships by Dakota
The biggest single pack of player ships - more than all the others hosted here. get it now!

Copyright belongs to each mod's respective author. Any relation of a mod to a real life subject is coincidental. Transcendence Mods takes no responsibility for damage caused to mods hosted here. Transcendence Copyright 1999-2006 by George Moromisato. All Rights Reserved

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