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My Web site has been constructed to amuse myself and to inform anyone who may be interested, about my native town of St Monans in Fife, Scotland and the Miller boat building family, to which I am connected.

There are also items about the Cunninghame district of Ayrshire and the village of Fairlie, on the West Coast of Scotland, where I have been resident for over 40 years.

You can also find links, below, to 'A Very Ordinary Story' , which is the story of my life,
or you can go straight there at: Chapter1 - In The Beginning

You may find my   Links Page   very useful.
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Chapter1 - In The Beginning
Chapter 2 School Days 1922-1935
Chapter 3 School Holidays up to 1935
Chapter 4 The In BetweenYears 1935 - 1940
Chapter 5 World War II 1940-1943
Chapter 6 From West to East 1943-1946
Chapter 7 Civvy Street 1946- 1948
Chapter 8 Back to Fife 1948-1960
Chapter 9 From East to West 1960-1979
Chapter 10 The Station Master
Chapter 11 A Change of Direction 1968-1979
Chapter 12 Retirement 1978-
Appendix. Childhood Days in St Monans During the 20s and 30s

A Very Ordinary Story

Links to each chapter of the story of my life are opposite, and can be seen by clicking on the appropriate chapter name.

I would suggest that, to save 'On Line' time, you should download the various pages you want to read by opening each chapter in turn and going to 'File' - 'Save As', putting the pages in an appropriate folder. You can then read 'Off Line' at your leisure.

Childhood Days is in the form of an Appendix and consists of some of the games we played and the things we did in the younger years of my life. ( The best?)

A Scottish Soldier!

A little bit about me.

I am a very senior citizen who has taken up computing as a hobby, mainly to try and keep my brain active as my body, alas, is not so active.

Some years ago I took a course on Object Orientated Computing with the Open University and learnt a bit about Smalltalk programming. Smalltalk is a pure Object Orientated programming language.

I worked for British Rail from 1935 till 1979 apart from a break of approx. 6 years serving my king and country. From 1935 till 1940 I was mainly in the Burntisland/Dundee district working at Tay Bridge Goods, Tillicoultry,
St Monans and also at Falkirk Grahamston and Corstorphine.

During WW II, I served in 7th and 4th Battalions of The Black Watch (RHR)
and then with the 12th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters in India, until demobilisation in 1946.
During the latter part of my railway career I finished up as a Computer Programmer and Systems Analyst, in Buchanan House, Glasgow.

Elspeth and I, with Sandy, left and Ian, right.

On the occasion of our Diamond wedding.


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