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TRUSTe Board of Directors

The members of the TRUSTe® board of directors are diverse in their expertise and affiliations. They represent a variety of industries and backgrounds, from telecommunications to children's online safety.

Parry Aftab
Executive Director

Joseph H. Alhadeff
Vice President Global Public Policy, Chief Privacy Officer
Oracle Corporate Affairs

Hans Peter Brondmo
Chief Executive Officer
Plum Venture

Camille Bussette
PayPal, Inc.

Peter Cullen
Chief Privacy Strategist

Tatiana Platt
Chief Trust Officer & SVP, Integrity Assurance
America Online, Inc.

Jean-Paul Hepp
Chief Privacy Officer
Pfizer Inc.

David Hoffman
Group Counsel eBusiness, Director of Privacy
Intel Corporation

Doug Leeds
VP, Products

Fran Maier
Executive Director and President

Richard Purcell
Corporate Privacy Group

Ralph Terkowitz
ABS Capital Partners

Christine Varney
Hogan & Hartson LLP

Bennie Smith
former Chief Privacy Officer
DoubleClick, Inc

Emeritus Board Members

J. Walter Hyer
former Chief Privacy Officer
AT&T Wireless

John Berard
Managing Director
Zeno Group

Jill Lesser
Senior Policy Advisor
Time Warner, Inc

Lori Fena
Founder & Chairman Emeritus
Project Director
Aspen Institute Internet Policy

Andy Blackburn
Vice President
The Boston Consulting Group

Roger Cochetti
RJC Associates

Terry Pittman
Executive Director
Broadband Markets
America Online, Inc.


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