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About Coral Way

The Coral Way Corridor

The Architecture in the Coral Way neighborhoods reflect the early 1920’s and some of the oldest sections contain a mixture of Spanish Mission and bungalow homes, along with the art deco style from the 1930’s and the modest post WWII dwellings.

The Coral Way area has an urban boulevard along SW 22nd Street (Coral Way St) which passes through the City of Miami between SW 37th Avenue and the I-95 underpass. The Coral Way Corridor began in 1922 with citrus lined streets and then growing to have streetcar tracks down the center of the road to finally the Banyan Tree-lined median of today. Coral Way is one of the main thoroughfares between Coral Gables and the City of Miami. In 1929, a Roadside Beautification Program was started, and 1200 Banyan trees were planted along Coral Way. Today it remains a beautiful corridor with trees and an upcoming beautification project which will light up the medians.

The NET Office works closely with area residents and associations in an effort to actively address issues of concerns and projects to enhance the area. Some of the Associations involved include Miami Shenandoah, Roads Homeowners, Silver Bluff, Vizcaya Roads, Coral Gate, Parkdale-Lyndale, South Miami, Bryan Park, Golden Pines and Brickell Homeowners. For a complete list and information regarding any of these Associations, please contact the NET Office at 305.329.4750 or contact the NET Administrator Liza Gallardo Walton via e-mail at

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