Chess Engine Frenzee

Frenzee is a Fischer Random Chess engine for windows.
You will need an interface such as Winboard or Arena to play with it.
You can read more about it in the FAQ.txt which is also included in the downloads.

Latest release (october 2006): Deep Frenzee v. 3.0
Latest known stable release (july 2006): Deep Frenzee v. 2.0

Made from a game collection by Olivier Deville: Deville
Made by Pradu Kannan: Kannan
Made by Christoper Conkie: Conkie
Made by me: Fischer
I do not know which is better.

Frenzee has for the last four years participated in the worlds biggest and most
interesting computer chess tournament CCT, hosted on the chess server ICC.
Here are the logs, engines and other data used in those tournaments.
CCT-8: Engine (v.300) and PGN (incl. search info)
CCT-7: Engine (v.200) and PGN (incl. search info)
CCT-6: Engine (v.150) and PGN (incl. search info)
CCT-5: Engine (v.140) with PGN and logs
Visit the official CCT sites: CCT 5-6 CCT 7-8

Analysis in Winboard with tabelbases
Analysis in Arena with multipv set to 4
Analysis in Shredder Classic with multipv set to 4 and refutation lines