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Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Ukraine to Mark Anniversary of Nazi Massacre at Babi Yar

Created: 25.09.2006 10:15 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 10:29 MSK


Ukraine will commemorate on Wednesday the anniversary of a massacre at Babi Yar, a grassy ravine in Kiev where Nazi forces killed 34,000 Jews in two days 65 years ago, AFP reports.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, whose father was imprisoned at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, will host Israeli President Moshe Katzav, as well as his Croatian and Montenegrin counterparts.

Thirty foreign delegations, including from Moscow and Washington, are expected to attend the event and an exhibition about the tragedy that is set to open on Tuesday.

The commemoration ceremonies are to start by the monument to the memory of the victims of the Babi Yar (Woman’s Ravine) massacres on Wednesday —- to be followed later in the day by an international forum entitled ’Let My People Go.’

The forum on xenophobia and anti-Semitism is being organized jointly by Ukrainian authorities, the World Holocaust Forum and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial.

’The Holocaust didn’t come out of nowhere, it formed gradually. It’s only by examining closely the microbes called anti-Semitism that we can understand where they come from,’ said Moshe Kantor of the European Jewish Congress.

The massacres at Babi Yar were on a scale that defies comprehension.

Nearly 34,000 Jews, many of them elderly, women and children, were forced to gather at Babi Yar by German troops just days after the Nazi invasion. They were shot along the ravine’s edge on September 29 and 30, 1941.

Some 800,000 Ukrainian Jews were killed in the war.

Ukraine today has around 500,000 Jews —- the fourth largest Jewish population in the world after Israel, Russia and the United States.

The ravine continued to be used for executions and up to 60,000 more people —- Jews, Roma, resistance fighters and Soviet prisoners of war —- were killed there until 1943.

Before retreating from the advancing Red Army in 1943, Nazi troops exhumed and burned the corpses at Babi Yar in a last-ditch bid to hide the atrocities committed there.

But the secrets of Babi Yar became part of the accusations against senior Nazi officials at the Nuremberg trials and a monument was erected in Soviet times to the memory of the victims.

Soviet authorities, however, sought to play down the sensitive Jewish component of the history of Babi Yar. Anniversary gatherings were banned at the site and there was an attempt to build a stadium there in the 1960s.

In 1991, the Jewish community erected a menorah-shaped sculpture nearby.


29.11.2006 10:35 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine Recognizes 1930s Famine as Soviet Genocide

27.11.2006 14:50 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine Marks 73rd Anniversary of Soviet-era Famine That Claimed 10 Million Lives

23.11.2006 10:52 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine’s Democratic Path Irreversible — Yushchenko

22.11.2006 16:13 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine Marks Anniversary of Pro-Western Orange Revolution

21.11.2006 15:06 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukrainian Cop Swallows $400 Bribe During Arrest

21.11.2006 12:26 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine Police Arrest Russian Businessman, Supporter of Incumbent Pro-Moscow PM

20.11.2006 17:39 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukrainian Interior Minister Sentenced to $67 Fine in Corruption Trial

11.11.2006 16:18 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine’s Blokhin Wants Fewer Foreigners in Club Sides

11.11.2006 16:13 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Marks 100 Days In Office

08.11.2006 14:20 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Minister Arrives in Ukraine to Discuss Black Sea Fleet Deployment

06.11.2006 13:58 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Pro-Russian Activists, Their Opponents Clash in Kiev

02.11.2006 11:51 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukrainian President Yushchenko Unhappy About New Gas Deal with Russia

31.10.2006 15:48 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

“White Supremacist” David Duke May Be Denied Entry to Ukraine

28.10.2006 15:31 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

EU Says “Not Ready” to Welcome Ukraine As New Member

24.10.2006 15:05 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia, Ukraine to Revise Gas Price Accords

19.10.2006 21:20 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Four Ukrainian Ministers from President’s Party Resign

17.10.2006 12:13 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine Seeks to Declare Soviet-Era Famine Genocide

14.10.2006 15:05 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Radical Communists Clash With Police in Ukraine Rallies

06.10.2006 10:29 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

U.S. Says Will Not Meddle in Ukraine Power Games

05.10.2006 09:12 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukrainian President’s Pro-Western Party Goes Into Opposition

04.10.2006 13:48 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Former Ukrainian PM Appeals U.S. Jail Sentence

28.09.2006 16:07 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine’s Yushchenko Hopes Germany Will Help Kiev Boost EU Ties

21.09.2006 10:13 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Death Toll in Ukraine Mine Blast Reaches 13, Mittal Pledges Probe in Kazakh Mine Accident

20.09.2006 15:30 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukrainian Government Backs Pro-Russian PM on NATO

20.09.2006 15:16 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine Seeks UN Resolution on Soviet Genocide

20.09.2006 11:15 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

9 Dead, 10 Missing After Ukraine Mine Blast

19.09.2006 14:19 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Poland’s President Urges Ukraine to Join NATO

18.09.2006 15:30 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukraine’s PM, Chief of Presidential Staff at Odds Over NATO Entry

18.09.2006 15:19 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Regional Toyota Executive, 3 Others Killed in Ukraine Plane Crash



Russia Loses Multibillion Chinese NPP Tender to U.S. Firm

Photo from

U.S.-based corporation Westinghouse Electric Company has won $8 billion international tender for construction of four new nuclear power plants in China. The tender also included Russia’s state-controlled company Atomstroyexport and French firm Areva. Atomstroyexport has already built a nuclear power plant in China, but this time it lost the tender.



Yedioth Ahronoth

Russia’s Israeli Prisoners as Bargaining Chips

Leonid Nevzlin / Photo from

Moscow has continuously denied four Israeli nationals convicted in Russia permission to serve their terms at home unless Israel extradites Jewish Russian-born entrepreneur Leonid Nevzlin, once the second-in-command of Yukos and business partner of the jailed Russian tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Yedioth Ahronoth reports.


Guide to Russia



Litvinenko’s Business Contact Denies Role in Poisoning Plot

Photo: AP

Andrei Lugovoi, the former Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) operative and the businessman now reported by the Western media to be linked to the poisoning and death in the UK of his former colleague Alexander Litvinenko, refuted those allegations in an exclusive interview to Russia Today.




The Temptation of Vladimir Putin

Image by MosNews

The �2008 question� increasingly being put to Vladimir Putin is important not only for because it will decide who will lead Russia until 2012, but also because of its symbolic significance. Will the constitution be changed?



Rossiyskaya Gazeta

West Has Failed to Learn From 9/11 — Russian Pundit

Sergei Karaganov / Photo from

Despite isolated tactical victories in fight against terrorism, the West has failed to learn the lessons of September 11, Russian pundit Sergei Karaganov is convinced.


Russia’s Largest Wargame Festival

Every October Russian wargame fans gather near Moscow for the year’s biggest event — the “Moscow Lies Behind”. Thousands look on as the Red Army inevitably beats Wehrmacht, enjoying both the victory and the scrupulously reconstructed World War II uniforms and arms.


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