iraqideadBy now, we all know that we are not “really” winning in Iraq. With body counts mounting on both sides, the Whitehouse decided to use it to their political advantage to use it. Of course it is just an sign as to how the current administration values Iraqi lives, but that did not stop President Bush from using it. In a speech at the Pentagon, Bush said that in the month of October, November and the 1st week of December the US and coalition killed or captured 5900 of the enemy!

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On a  side note, as of 12/17/2006 @ 14:23 EST, at least 50816 civilians were killed (max of 56315).

With that said, who in your opinion is responsible for the mess in the Middle East? Comment or poll.

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I released a whole bunch of themes and never posted it on my own site, here they are listed newest first:







Earthling: Test Run | Download







Nonzero: Test Run | Download







Bittersweet: Test Run | Download


old forest





Old Forest: Test Run | Download


old forest





Contempo: Test Run | Download

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talibanIn a recent study to assess power usage per shower, an Australian company determined that on average, users shower for about 7min daily. This number only goes up when other activity such as shaving is performed as part of showering.

Here’s the breakup:

Women that shave their legs: 10.5min
Men who shave: 8.5min
Those who brush while showering: 8.75min

The study also found out that the Taliban’s are the least energy consuming people as they perform none of the aforementioned activity.

Listen to the story on NPR

With that, time for the next poll. What in your opinion is the best way to save energy at home? Comment or poll.  


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