Creative Open Source

Creative Open Source


This website contains information on where to find Linux drivers for a variety of Creative products, as well as some open source programming information related to Creative products. If you have any new information or corrections to information on this site, please send and email to Garin Hiebert.

There is a Creative IRC channel at FreeNode ( #creative).


May 18, 2006 -- Creative plans to make proprietary (closed source) drivers available for the X-Fi series of sound cards in the second quarter of 2007. These drivers will have full support for ALSA (playback, recording, mixer, MIDI, synthesis) and OpenAL 1.1 (with EAX effects).

April 12, 2006 -- A text-to-slideshow application called PortaBook for use with portable media players is now being hosted here at

November 29, 2005 -- The Creative section of the ALSA sound card matrix has been updated. Note that the Creative X-Fi series of products is not supported under Linux at this time.


The administrative contact for this website is Garin Hiebert. Feel free to email me with new or updated information.