The Honorable W. Michael Gillette
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The Honorable W. Michael Gillette

The Honorable W. Michael Gillette has been an Associate Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court since 1986. He served on the Court of Appeals (1977-1986) and was a presiding judge (1980-1986). He served as Solicitor General of Oregon (1973-1977) and as Chief Trial Counsel, Oregon Department of Justice (1973). He organized, directed and was Chief Counsel of the Consumer Protection Division (1971-1973). He was an Assistant Attorney General in Oregon and American Samoa (1969-1971), and a Multnomah County Deputy District Attorney (1967-1969). He was in private practice in the Portland law firm of Rives and Rogers (1966-1967). He holds a law degree from Harvard Law School (1966) and a bachelor's degree from Whitman College (1963). He teaches administrative, constitutional, and consumer law at the National Judicial College, and has taught in all three colleges at Willamette University. He was an instructor in constitutional and criminal law at Portland State University (1971-1974). He has been a member of the Advisory Committee of Scholars for the Constitution Project since 1984, was a member of the Board of Directors of the Oregon Law-Related Education Project (1980-1988) and was the Classroom Law Project's Legal Citizen of the Year (1991). He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (1977-1980).