Follow these instructions to get K2 up and running on your WordPress site:

  • Make sure you are running WordPress 2.0.
  • Download the latest version of K2 above.
  • Upload the K2 folder to wp-content/themes/ on your server.
  • In your WordPress administration, go to Presentation and activate K2.

That's it. You'll find the options panel as a tab called 'K2 Options' in the Presentation section of the WordPress administration. After you're up and running with K2, you can plug in whatever extra functionality you might want.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a list of required plugins?: There are no required plugins. K2 however supports a wide range of plugins out of the proverbial box.
  2. Who made the icons in K2?: The fabulous icons are provided free of charge at fam fam fam and are called Silk.
  3. Where is the K2 Options page?!: It's under Presentation, not under Options like many other plugins...
  4. What is the 'styles' directory?: Any CSS files placed in this directory, can be selected from a dropdown in the options panel and can then be used to overwrite the default CSS in K2's styles.css.
  5. I've installed the Archives page and I'm using permalink and I have a folder called archives. The Archives page isn't working?!: That's because the folder called archives is interferring with the archives page. Change the name of either, and you should be good to go.

Reporting Bugs

If you're serious about bugs, check out our bug tracking system and see if the bug you're experiencing has already been reported (or even fixed for the next version).

If not, write a a post in the forums in which you should include your Browser Version, Operating System, PHP Version, WordPress Version and if you are using Apache or IIS. Or whichever of those that are applicable in your best judgement; this will make it much easier for us to track down bugs.

The Real K2

You can read up on the history of the real K2, one of the deadliest mountains in the world. There's also a Wikipedia Article as well as another History of 'The Savage Mountain'.