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Where Condors Search For Food

The Andean Condor prefers open areas that enhance their ability to search for carrion (dead) and dying animals, their main source of food. Throughout the Northern Andes, the Andean Condor can be found combing high above the paramos in search of their next meal. They also frequent mountainous areas, where steep, rocky cliffs are abundant. The cliffs offer the Condor an invaluable benefit of searching for food in wide open, non-forested areas, making their hunt much more productive.

Where Condors Live

The Andean Condor's range extended throughout the Andes from Venezuela in the north to Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of South America. Though they can still be found in most of the areas between these points, their numbers have greatly diminished, which has reduced their habitat to parts of Peru, with a small number of condors populating North Venezuala, North Columbia, and the cliffs in Patagonia.

Where Condors Nest

Condors most commonly nest in ledges surrounded by steep cliffs and mountain ranges. The seclusion of this type of topography offers them excellent protection from predators searching for the eggs and their young.

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