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20 December 2006
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What's the history of the Queen Vic?
The Queen Vic is central to the whole EastEnders concept
sketch of Queen Vic window
The original idea for EastEnders still remains true - a show based around a Victorian Square with a pub at the heart of the community. Sketches were made by Keith Harris (Series Designer in 1980s) to reflect the Victorian style.
The creators of the show visited the East End for ideas
Queen Vic window
Julia Smith and Tony Holland were the originators of the programme. During their research, they found pubs that hadn't yet become wine bars, and still managed to retain a feeling of being local.
The Queen Vic needed to be instantly recognisable
Queen Vic being built
It had to be right enough for every viewer to feel that they'd been there. That meant creating a feeling that the Vic had stood for a hundred years.
The pub was built in the 1980s
Queen Vic in 1980s
The pub was built in 1984/5. The original pub was brown, and later on it was painted green and yellow. Grant set fire to the pub for insurance money on Sharon's birthday in 1992. It was then repainted red. The internal sets are in a separate studio to the building that's in the Square.
There was a plan behind the naming of the Vic
Queen Vic
The Square needed a name, and the idea was that it was built in the time of Queen Victoria. It seemed only natural for the Square to be named after her husband Albert, and for the pub be named after her.
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Backstage Facts
Lacey Turner (Stacey) originally auditioned for a part in the Miller family.

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