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Call of Cthulhu: Destiny's End

  Destroyed by a government raid in 1928, the mysterious town of Innsmouth was left to fester in ruins for nearly 80 years. The two central characters, Emily and Jacob, return to search for the truth as they unveil the horrors of the town's past.

  Destiny's End will break new ground in the field of survival horror by featuring innovative co-operative gameplay whereby two players can each assume the role of one of the main protagonists at any time in the game and work together to overcome their deepest fears. Players will have to use both characters to defeat their enemies thanks to fantastic co-operative fighting combos.

  Featuring a blend of fierce action, combat and exploration, gamers will journey into a world of malevolence and horror with "Call of Cthulhu: Destiny's End."

Press Quotes

“…good looking game that has a lot of potential…”
ps2.ign.com – 2005

“…The game's use of lighting and shadow is especially well done, causing everything around you to just emit an excellent sense of dread…”
Gamespot - E3 – 2005

“…atmospheric and beautifully designed visuals…”

"The graphics were completely amazing – They make you disbelieve a PS2 was capable of such feats"

“…intelligently designed use of an important literary license that resonates with horror fans worldwide…”


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