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Welcome to the web site for our family name in America. On September 25, 1754, Johannes Philip Liebrich and his family set foot on land at the Port of Philadelphia. Having passed their medical examination, they were marched up to City Hall, where they pledged their allegiance to the British crown. They then were dismissed to begin their new life of freedom in the colonies.

Family tradition and some early US documentation described the family as being from Manheim, Germany. This is consistent with the ship "Adventure" documentation, which describes the passengers as being from the duchy of Franconia. But, no one has ever found records in Manheim indicating the presence of the family there.

Our trip to Philadelphia in the fall of 2004 helped to answer that question. Using some recent information from the Internet, we went to Manheim, Pennsylvania and were able to locate the grave stone of Johan Philip Nicholas Liebrich, the only son of our immigrant ancestor. Oblique lighting and photographic enhancement techniques revealed that Nicholas was actually born in Butzbach Germany, not Manheim. Butzbach was located within the duchy of Franconia, and so this location is also consistent with the ship manifest.

Having this birthplace, I turned to the research of Winfred Liebrich. There is a link to his pages further down on this page. There I found a Nicholas Philip Liebrich born on the date inscribed on this stone. The father of this Nicholas is given as a Johannes who was born on the date given on Nicholas' father's gravestone in Manheim. His mother is given there as Catherine and he has sisters identifeid as Apollonia and Johannette, which also match what we know of the Manheim, Pennsylvania family. So, I believe that we have finally made the connection to the German Liebrich family tree. There are still some details to clean up, but this looks pretty solid to me.

Between 1830 and 1870, at least eight more Liebrich families arrived from Germany. Those families settled in Ohio, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. Most of those families have kept the German speeling of the name. Like the original family, they have moved all over the United States.

This June 2006 update expands the German resources for our family. Relying on information compiled by Dr. Winfred Liebrich and translated by Reinhard Zell and myself, it extends the family tree of John Philip Liebrich back to the 1100s. This information is a combination of my own research and what others have shared with me. I'm always willing to share with others, so email me if you have different information than I do.

No database is ever error free or complete, including this one. If you have corrections or additions, please email me at the address below. The guestbook has quite a number of comments in it now. It may have a note from someone researching your specific line.

Happy searching!

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