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The challenge: Watching out for our kids.
Our children are in trouble. Kids from preschool through high school are laying building blocks for success in school and life. They include self-discipline, the ability to delay gratification, perseverance, imagination, and respect. Study after study shows that poor media habits undermine every single one of these building blocks. Instead of being given the tools and experiences they need to succeed, more and more kids are shaped by a media culture that promotes more, easy, fast, fun, violence and disrespect.
We are your resource.

Since 1996, the National Institute on Media and the Family has worked tirelessly to help parents and communities “watch what our kids watch.” The National Institute on Media and the Family is the world's leading and most respected research-based organization on the positive and harmful effects of media on children and youth. The National Institute on Media and the Family is an independent, nonpartisan, nonsectarian, and nonprofit organization that is based on research, education, and advocacy. Its MediaWise® movement is being adopted in communities throughout the country to help families make wiser media choices and encourage parents to “Watch What their Kids Watch.”
Who we are. Our vision is to build healthy families and communities through the wise use of media. Our mission is to maximize the benefits and minimize the harm of media on children through research, education and advocacy. Founded by David Walsh, Ph.D., the Institute has become an international resource center for cutting-edge research and information on the impact of media on children and families.
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Who we are not. We’re not anti-media and do not advocate censorship.
We know that a certain amount of media can entertain, educate and even inspire.
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