Name: Sylvan

Height: 6 foot
Weight: 250 pounds
From: Montreal, Quebec (North America's greatest treasure)
Signature Move: 3 seconds of fame (high angle suplex into DDT)
Career Highlights: World Tag Team Champion
Entrance Video: WATCH

Ambassador-at-Large to "the island of tranquility in a truculent world," Sylvan has spent many weeks promoting all that Quebec has to offer. Recently though, Sylvan made his return to the ring in a match against Tatanka. The cultural emissary was very disrespectful to the Lakota people by taking Tatanka's headdress and flagrantly dropping it on the floor after his win.

Sylvan originally debuted as a member of La Resistance with former tag team partner Rene Dupree on RAW. But when Dupree left for SmackDown, Sylvan continued La Resistance with the talented Rob Conway and went on to be a two-time World Tag Team Champion.

Sylvan, hungry for more competition and success, blasted back on the scene in August 2005, seeing SmackDown as the perfect global force to raise the profile of Sylvan. With fame and fortune as his goal, Sylvan looks to parlay his model good looks and outstanding athletic ability into a blossoming career with WWE.