Name: Daivari

Height: 5 foot 10
Weight: 203 pounds
From: Minneapolis, Minn.
Associates: The Great Khali
Entrance Video: WATCH

Daivari grew up in your typical ideal all-American neighborhood. However, what Daivari has experienced living as an Arab American isn’t so ideal. In fact, Daivari believes that he has been unjustly targeted with outrageous prejudice, violence and disrespect by the American public to horrifying levels that have created a great deal of anger, resentment and rage within Daivari.

Daivari has brought a monster to ECW by the name of The Great Khali. Hailing from India, The Great Khali stands at an impressive 7 foot 3 inches and weighs 420 pounds. The Punjabi Warrior has walked the jungles of India unafraid of pythons and wrestled White Bengal tigers. Daivari claims that The Great Khali has "stared into the abyss and the earth trembled at his gaze."

The Great Khali and Daivari were responsible for bringing the most barbaric match in WWE history to The Great American Bash: the Punjabi Prison Match. There is no telling what other brutalities The Great Khali and Daivari will unleash in the Land of the Extreme. One of the largest athletes WWE has ever bared witness to, The Great Khali stands to be a powerful force and a threat to every member of the ECW locker room.