Welcome To Wolverine Studios!
Posted : Friday, May 5 2006

In 2001, I created a website to showcase what I felt was going to be the best basketball simulation game to ever hit the PC. I had never programmed a game, never taken a class beyond high school in computer programming and knew nothing of the computer gaming industry except that I bought games and liked to play them. I was teaching myself how to program and was confident that I would be able to create the basketball game I always wished existed. Very few people visited the site and the project never saw the light of day but not for lack of trying. The project, then titled Franchise Hoops, was scrapped when I was given the opportunity for my first real experience in the gaming business, the opportunity to join .400 Software Studios.

That opportunity led to another with Grey Dog Software which has led me to this - Wolverine Studios. Five years and three published games later I'm back at the way I came into this industry - on my own. Along the way I had the opportunities to see what to do and what not to do. I learned from working with some of the best and most successful developers in our small but growing niche of the industry. Markus Heinsohn, Arlie Rahn, Adam Ryland - they have all done something big in the world of text sims and nobody more so than Markus. Developing games gave me an avenue to speak with the other great developers as well - the people like Jim Gindin, Marc Vaughan, Shaun Sullivan. People that I one day hope to be mentioned along side of. I consider myself very lucky to have had those opportunities and they all deserve credit for helping me bring you the type of games I have with Total Pro Basketball and Total College Basketball.

As I now look to the future with Wolverine Studios I can say that the possibilities seem endless. I've had the opportunity to work with and talk to the best - now its time to try to become one of them. It will take time but I can promise two things from myself and Wolverine Studios. You're going to get great games and great service. My goal isn't to create a game that you think is fun and makes it into your rotation of games to play - its to create the games you start playing and before you know it you realize its three in the morning. I also will continue to offer individual support to any and all of my customers whether they're playing games I produced here or elsewhere. Unlike at the large development studios, here your voice counts and in fact I encourage you to communicate with me, especially on the forums here. Your feedback is important to me and you can expect the same level of activity and support both in the forums and through e-mail that you have always gotten from me.

This venture is literally brand new - so new that the website is still being constructed but I thank you for visiting today. I ask that if you do anything you register for the forum today. The first title to be released by Wolverine Studios will be Total Pro Golf and in May the TPG Course Designer will be released here free of charge to the community in preparation for this summer's release of Total Pro Golf. To everyone I've had the opportunity to work with and everyone who has purchased one of my products and is here today reading this, thank you. Thank you for your support through the years and thank you for your continued support with this new venture. With that, I welcome you all to Wolverine Studios - expect big things from this place. See you in the forums!