Article Written By: Alex Hunter

You may be thinking this robot has bionic arms and sits at a computer. But in reality it is a complex piece of software. It uses a clever algorithm to assess online poker situations, constantly making the best possible decisions.

Bobby was programmed with the help of Poker Software Engineer, James Williamson and Poker Professional, Gary Hewitt. Bobby is the most advanced Poker Robot ever created. He is a simple to use windows program. He doesn’t need programming… James starts up the program (Bobby) then starts up an online poker game and let’s bobby play!

Most people think of poker as a “card game” involving pure luck. To be honest they couldn’t be further from the truth. Poker is a game of skill.

The latest release of ‘Bobby’ earns $39 - $74 an hour playing online texas hold'em. He can play at any online poker room and is undetectable. You see poker software generally uses something called “footprints” to detect cheaters. But Bobby has been programmed to fully erase his virtual footprints…

Bobby Varies His Style of Play
So That He Is Undetectable As A Robot

The truth is there are thousands of poker bots available on the internet. But these are not like Bobby at all. Bobby has the highest level of AI (Artificial Intelligence) ever programmed into a poker bot. Other poker robots cannot vary how they play. In any situation they do the same thing again and again. This instantly alerts most poker rooms cheat detectors.

Users Of Inferior Poker Bots Are Often Banned…
But NOT Bobby:

Bobby erases his digital footprints by varying how he plays. As an ex-software engineer at Party Poker James Williamson knows exactly how the poker rooms detect cheaters. He programmed Bobby to vary his play, just like a human would.

Bobby Is The Only Poker Robot Who Knows He Must Purposely Make 'Wrong Moves' Every 7 - 9 hands… So That His Playing Goes Undetected!

You read that right! Bobby will on occasion’s purposely loose money! But this is very important, most other poker bots will continue to win… and win… and win until they are detected and BANNED...

James Williamson knew about this because…

He Designed The Software That Scans For Cheaters!

Fact: An investigation by the Interactive Gambling Council has concluded that: As of July 2006 1 in 12 online poker players are bots!

You know those times when you're playing and your opponents aren't talking in chat? The chances are these guys are bots. You are playing at a major disadvantage.

Humans can be intimidated. They will back off in the face of a very aggressive player. A bot will not. It has no compunction about doing whatever it will take to win. It will raise you with any two cards if it thinks that it has a very slight advantage based on your history.

But most of these bots are eventually caught. Bobby is the only poker bot ever created that has never been detected.

Bobby has been programmed to mimic the style of Poker Professional Gary Hewitt. What this means for you is…

You Have A Robotic Version Of
Poker Professional Gary Hewitt!

Gary has been perfecting his poker skills for the last 17 years. He is a renowned online poker player who specialises in both limit and no-limit Texas Hold'em.

To program Bobby, James first created a piece of software named “Ace Reader”. He then installed this software on Gary’s computer and told Gary to play 29,000 hands of poker. All along “Ace Reader” was recording Gary’s exact style… What he did in all possible situations. How he bluffed. Which cards he played. How he treat different players.

In those 29,000 hands Gary played enough possible situations to mimic Gary's exact style of play.

Above: James and Gary Programming Bobby

James then used Ace Reader to program the first ever Bobby. Ace Reader had created a database… This database held the information about the 29,000 hands Gary had played. First Gary spent 14 long hours looking at each hand meticulously removing those played badly.

Because He Didn’t Want To
Breed Bad Habits Into Bobby...

Gary’s database was then processed by Ace Reader. This created the actual code that makes Bobby. It mimics exactly how Gary played that night. The first Bobby was now created. Tested on real money tables, Bobby was earning $19 - $36 an hour. Despite Gary’s excitement James knew Bobby could be improved…

After just 13 days he was ready to start perfecting Bobby’s style of play. He did this by letting Bobby play while Gary watched.

If Gary noticed Bobby played a "wrong move" - James would program what Bobby 'should' have done into the database. They could only stop correcting Bobby’s decisions, once Bobby makes no more ‘wrong’ moves. In total this took 19 hours and 47 minutes of continuous play.

Finally Bobby Was Making
Every Move Gary Would Have Made...

James had almost cloned the part of Gary’s brain that plays poker. Yeh, I know that sounds weird. But it's true, Bobby thinks and acts at a poker table exactly like Gary Hewitt.

The two unleashed Bobby on a real life money table. In Bobby’s debut he earned $74.56, in the first hour of play.

Something ‘magical’ had just happened. In James Williamson’s dark, damp basement the first winning poker robot was created. Computer Science Universities around the country had attempted this feat for years with no avail. They lacked one crucial thing, these students only had a basic grasp of the game and its rules - Let alone the complex thinking and strategies involved.

Gary Hewitt was vital to Bobby’s success and so on that day. The 27th of April 2006. Gary and James signed a legally binding contract. Both James and Gary swore themselves to secrecy. No one would know about Bobby. Not Gary’s older brother… Not James’s doting mother… Not anyone.

Within the next few days Gary and James rented a commercial lock-up where their new business was to be stationed. They drove to the nearest PC World and bought 12 brand new laptops.

Back at the lock-up James set-up a wireless network and configured each laptop. They spent the first night downloading and setting up each laptop with Poker software. Yes you guessed it…

Gary & James Were Setting Up A Lockup To House Bobby...
Bobby Was To Play On Each Laptop... 24 Hours a Day!

But Bobby was not just setup to play one game at a time… He is programmed to play up to 6 matches at any time. James and Gary’s lock-up now housed 12 Laptops. Each playing 6 poker matches at any time. All playing with the skills of a Poker Professional… Gary and James were set for riches.

Above: The laptops James & Gary Had Just Bought

In the first night Bobby racked up $5,563.97 in winnings… James and Gary were ecstatic… So happy in fact that night they didn’t leave the lockup. Both slept on the floor. Watching in excitement as Bobby left other Poker players in awe.

James (the programmer) has insisted I include some technical details pertaining to his ‘masterpiece’ in this article, here they are:

  • Bobby can process 1,986,832 mathematical calculations per second.

  • The more Bobby is used the better his skills will become; every hand he plays is fed back to a master database which gauges his wins and defeats. Constantly perfecting how he plays.

  • Bobby’s playing style is so sophisticated, he has never been detected while playing online poker.

  • Bobby doesn’t just work out the odds of cards then make a move: he takes into account, pot odds, the hands, other players styles, what cards opponents have played earlier, the size of bets – Bobby takes this all into account before making his move.

Jame went on to explain:

"The most critical subroutine needed for poker AI is a Hand Evaluator. A Hand Evaluator takes a poker hand and maps it to a unique integer rank such that any hand of equal rank is a tie, and any hand of lesser rank loses. A hand evaluator may also classify the hand into a category (a Full House, Tens over Aces).

"For poker AI, it is absolutely critical to have the fastest hand evaluators possible. Most poker AI works through either enumerating all possible hands or by simulating thousands of hands. These calculations need to do thousands of hand evaluations in just a few seconds, for a poker AI to make a decision in a reasonable amount of time."

How Bobby Works:

Bobby is really nothing more then a piece of software. He is just another computer program, like the internet browser you are using this very minute.

The program consists of two main parts:

  • The Decision Engine - This is the brains of the Bobby. Within a fraction of a second it will analyze million of pieces of relevant information (position, hole cards, community cards, etc) and then signal the correct move to make - raise, call, fold, or bet.

  • The Input Generator - This is the hands of the Bobby. It carries out the signals of The Decision Engine and interacts with the poker client. It is responsible for raising, calling, folding, and betting by simulating mouse clicks!

James tells me that's all Bobby consists of. Unlike the computer science universities currently trying to create programs like Bobby. James & Gary were adamant their poker bot would be extremely simple. It's simple in design and simple in programming. For the end user this means there are virtually no errors or bugs.

James & Gary's Poker Earnings With Bobby:

Above: How much James & Gary have 'earned' since creating Bobby

... These 4 BETA Testers Are All Earning
Full Time Incomes Using Bobby:

"Hi, I've been a 'hardcore' poker player for years. Even before using your software I was earning a full time income. But now I have 6 computers setup in my bedroom. Bobby is constantly making me money. This is incredible."

- Kevin Seville

"Bobby has been a godsend to me. I'm a student and obviously have debt by the bucket load. Bobby is constantly playing poker in my dorm at university. The other students were amazed at my success, but I kept this secret all to myself!

Click Here to see my earnings after 13 days!"
- Luke Fisher

"I was recommended Bobby by a friend. But after finding a cheaper rip-off version online I mistakenly bought that instead. It was utter garbage! As soon as I opened it Norton Antivirus raised hell. And this bot only made a couple of dollars an hour. Pathetic really. So I grit my teeth, accepted the loss and ordered Bobby. I couldn't believe how much easier it was to use. One big "START" button and that was it. I've since earned $734, at PartyPoker."

- Katherine Spencer

"I downloaded your product, and started making money the very next day. There is so much crap out there it is really refreshing to see someone deliver exactly what they promised. You have restored my faith."

- Paul W

What you have just read so far, is an overview of what I believe, and obviously what others believe, is the most amazing, exciting and definitely one of the most profitable methods of making money online.

But there’s one problem both James and Gary face. Bobby has became there entire lives. Both have quit from their current occupations to develop Bobby full time. But to make Bobby better as described before... Bobby must play at least 4 million poker hands. This is Because after each hand is played, Bobby records moves made, and reports them back to the master database.

Like a Human, The More Bobby Plays…
The Better His Skills Become
He Is Constantly Logging Other Users Actions To Improve His Play

It would take years for James & Gary to keep Bobby playing the millions of poker hands required.

For this reason James and Gary have decided to give away Bobby to 500 carefully selected individuals. These people are to be the Official Poker Bobby BETA testers. This small group will no doubt each earn thousands of dollars while training Bobby.

James and Gary asked me to put together this website, with the sole purpose of giving away Bobby to those 500 privileged individuals.

James and Gary also stressed that those who use Bobby must be serious about it. They didn’t want the kind of people who would download this complex robot... Then forget about it and go digging for some other way to earn money. This is SERIOUS.

So what they proposed was those who were seriously interested must pay a small charge of $49.99 to prove they are serious. This will surely weed out the tire kickers who will take the software and leave it.

But I myself wasn’t happy with that. So right now:

You can get Bobby 100% Free!

But I can only give away 500 tester spaces, see the bottom of this page for the counter of tester spaces left.

…But Before You Get Excited
Bobby Is Not For Everyone:

In fact, I can’t even allow most people to sign up. Why? Because James and Gary said I can only give away 500. Spaces must be limited only to those who are serious!

If you're the kind of person who will waste their time by receiving your Bobby then floating off for your next adventure. Forget It.

Whereas if you have a spare computer which Bobby can play on: I want to hear from you.

Don't Worry If You've Never Even Played Online Poker...

When you become a tester for Bobby, you will also gain access to our "Testers Area". This contains our easy step-by-step guide to installing the poker software and using Bobby. But best of all we give you...

A 50% Deposit Bonus!

You won't even have to use Bobby with your own money. We match whatever your deposit by 50%. So If you deposit $100 we add $50 to your account. So...

You Will Not Risk Your Own Money!

Just download PokerBobby, Deposit any amount you wish and we will match it by 50% up to $500. You can even withdraw this money to your bank straight away, and make a tidy profit of up to $500.

Why would we do this? It's quite simple. We need testers for Bobby. We know most normal people won't want to risk their own money, with a robot. So we give you 50% free as your play money! You could even withdraw the money you originally deposited to get that bonus.

7 Reasons For Becoming a Poker Bobby BETA tester:

  • Because Bobby can play 6 games at any one time, that's around $56/hour profit!

  • Because this is 100% free. At worst if Bobby fails to impress you, just uninstall the software, and keep the 50% deposit bonus! That's the worst that could happen, free money.

  • Because using Bobby is not illegal. You can never get in any trouble.

  • Because Bobby will never be released for sale. Only 500 privileged testers will ever profit from Bobby. With the sole purpose of training Bobby.

  • Because Bobby was programmed by the same guy who created PartyPoker's cheat detecting software. Bobby has never been detected yet.

  • Last of all: Because Bobby will make you money. You can keep Bobby playing all night. Earning money while you sleep. You can keep Bobby playing all day. Earning money while you play.

  • Because in our tester's area, we have a list of the only online poker rooms that do not care about you using Bobby. They will never suspend or ban your account.

How To Use Bobby:

Step 1: Click On The Poker Bobby Icon:

Step 2: This Will Open The Program Poker Bobby:

Step 3: Lastly Open a Limit, Texas Hold'Em Poker Game and Sit Back:

Estimate How Much You Can Earn, Using Bobby:

Under testing, Bobby has averaged $56 an hour playing limit texas hold'em. Use the calculator below to work out how much you could earn weekly with Bobby.

If you have a spare computer to leave Bobby running 24 hours per day, leave the 'hours per day' field as 24. This will work out an estimation of how much you could earn leaving Bobby running 24 hours a day.

How many hours per day you can leave Bobby playing:

This is how much you can earn weekly, with Bobby:


4 Reasons Why You May Decide To Pass On This Offer:

As attractive as owning an automated cash machine is, James tells me that only 6% of those reading this will become testers, using Bobby. Although that's okay for James & Gary as they only need 500 testers, it still bothers me personally. You see, I know how much the owners of Bobby are earning. I read their emails and letters; I talk to them on the phone; I see them personally when they visit me; and hundreds each month tell me that "they can't believe I am giving this away for free".

Because of this, I just hate the thought of someone not getting the chance of a lifetime in using Bobby because of some error or omission in my explanation. That's why I held a brainstorming session with myself, James & Gary just to try to figure out why you might say "no" to this incredible opportunity. After several hours, we group could think of only 3 possible reasons.

Here they are:

You don't think you have the technical ability to use Bobby...
I want to make sure absolutely everyone reading this will understand: What they receive and how they will use it. Bobby was designed to be the simplest easiest to use poker bot. A simple start button sets him off playing poker. He isn't bundled with a 100 pages manual. He doesn't have any options to configure.

Bobby has a big "start" button. That's it. If you are using a browser right now, you already have the technical ability to use Bobby.

You think the poker sites will find out and ban your account...
Yes this is a major problem for the users of most Poker bots. But we have contacted hundreds of online poker rooms and compiled a small list of those who do not care about the use of bots!

On any of these poker rooms, (revealed in the testers area) you may use Poker Bobby without worrying!

Besides using Poker bots is not illegal. It is against some sites terms & conditions, but not illegal. This is because poker bots are often used to teach newbie's how to play. But if you play in the Poker Rooms we advise, you have nothing to worry about.

Think about it this way: If you were to cheat in a real life poker game... Would you think that's illegal? Well it's not. Poker is a game, and cheating is not illegal. Frowned upon - yes. Illegal - nope. And it's no different online!

You think this is all lies and hype...
Well at least it's good to see you're cautious, there is an awful lot of lies on the internet. But the use of poker bots has been reported on National news. To name but a few, reports have been on CNN, The Discovery Channel, BBC News 24 and others. But I want to give you proof you can see right now that poker bots work. Check out the article written about them on and major news site


Besides if this was all lies, why would I allow you to download Bobby 100% Free?

Remember On Average Bobby Earns $39 - $74 an Hour
You Can Start Earning Figures Like This Right Away

But before you join, my small company WealthyMarketer... is located at 12 Well Ridge Close, United Kingdom My ZIP Code is NE259PN. If you have any questions, you can email me personally using this email address:

You can call me any time Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on 0701 2388 392. And if you are ever in the area, I'd love for you to visit and I'll be happy to talk to you about Poker Bobby. Just make sure you don't come by between 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. Because that's when I shut up shop for lunch.

Updated In Real Time

The Number of Places Left to Trial Bobby:


Download Bobby Now - Instant Download!

There is a true limit on the number we can give away, see above for the current figure. Once that hit's zero no more testers will be recruited.

Complete the below form, hit submit and you may instantly start your download:

I understand that in order to use PokerBobby I will have to deposit at least $20 at the required Poker Room.

P.S. Remember there is absolutely no reason for you to leave this page empty handed! It's this simple: Stick your name and email address above and you will be instantly redirected to a page where you may download PokerBobby!

P.P.S. I'd urge you not to click away from this page. The chances are the next time you come here - the 500 tester places will be gone!

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