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Constructing the Puppet

This big walk-around puppet was designed and built for the popular Portuguese children's televsion show Batatoon.
The client wanted a big monster character to be called Max
The Third Step is Finalizing the Design

The First Step Is To Show the Cient Exactly How the Walk-Around Character Will Work and it's Comparative Size

Click here to see Elizabeth's designs for a video puppet
In this sketch Elizabeth has incorporated the details the client liked from the earlier speculative sketchs.
The Last Step is Swatching Colors, a Color Rendering, and Final Sign Off on the Design
Click here to see Elizabeth's designs for video set pieces
The puppet is made in four sections: two feet, the body piece supported by the shoulders, and the head which will be operated by the right hand.
The Second Step is Some Speculative Designs
Here Elizabeth drew some black and white sketches of monsters to be shown to the client.
Finally fur samples are found and swatched and Elizabeth made this final color sketch (to the right) which was approved by client and construction began. Compare this sketch to the final character (shown inset above.)
All sketches copyright Elizabeth Luce 2004