C4 The Comedy Award

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue
producer: Jon Naismith
writer: Iain Pattinson
performers: Humphrey Lyttelton, Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer,
Tim Brooke-Taylor, Jeremy Hardy & Colin Sell
BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 4

"Despite its many years on air, this still stands out as a very funny programme - risky, rude, brilliantly written and superbly performed. Humphrey Lyttleton’s comic timing is genius!"

Think The Unthinkable
producer: Adam Bromley
editor: Rex Brough
writer: James Cary
script associates: Paul Mayhew-Archer & Ed Drew
performers: Marcus Brigstocke, Catherine Shepherd, Emma Kennedy, Kim Wall, Olivia Coleman & Stephen Moore
BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 4

"Believable characters, unusual premise and an hilarious script."

The Sunday Format
producer: Helen Williams
writers: Tony Roche, Nick Revell, Dave Cohen & Bill Dare
devised by: John Morton
digital editor: Rex Brough
performers: Emma Kennedy, Ewan Bailey, Alexander Armstrong, Simon Greenhall, Tracy-Ann Oberman & Tony Gardner
BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 4

"Great script, wonderful performance and brilliant editing. A great idea and format with real longevity."

The Hudson & Pepperdine Show
producers: Helen Williams & Claire Jones
writers: Mel Hudson & Vicki Pepperdine
music by: Richard Webb
performers: Mel Hudson, Vicki Pepperdine, Jim North, Martin Hyder & Dave Lamb
BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 4

"A refreshingly good laugh - a duo set to be stars for the future."

Little Britain
producer: Ashley Blaker
writers: Matt Lucas & David Walliams
music by: David Arnold
performers: Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Tom Baker, Jean Ainslie, Paul Putner & Samantha Power
BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 4

"Truly original characters in a surreal parallel universe. Watch this make it big on TV."