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Joined: October 01 2003
National Flag of United States United States
Posts: 2125
Gender: Male
Posted: November 01 2006 at 1:35am | IP Logged  

New VIP membership has openned today!

In the new service, we will provide our own math/Verbal practise questions(fully owned by Scoretop, not copyrighted of anybody else!) written by our 780+ tutors, with explanations to those questions posted on a daily basis. By practising these questions, members definitely can improve their skills.


In the mean time, vip members are free to bring in any GMAT questions in doubt into the following sessions for discusssions, our tutors will try to participate those discusssions and help you with those questions. If the questions you have are in other languages, we will also try to translate them and answer for you as well.

Critical Reasoning Q&A

Sentence Correction Q&A

Reading Comprehension Q&A

Data Sufficiency Q&A

Problem Solving Q&A

Probability and Statistics

Permutation and Combination

Bold Face Q&A

Test Strategies

Analytical Writing


Disclaimer: The resemblance to any competitive examination QUESTIONS will be purely coincidental.  we are not responsible for the questions brought for  discussion IN the public forum.

Edited by master on December 14 2006 at 10:15am
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Joined: September 23 2004
National Flag of United States United States
Posts: 675
Gender: Male
Posted: November 01 2006 at 10:17am | IP Logged  

What are the benefits for VIP members?

1. Practice Questions

In VIP section, we offer questions written by our GMAT tutors who scored 780 and more.  New questions will be posted on a daily basis and detailed explanations will follow the next day.  Practising those questions will help to improve your skills. 

(Our  tutors  provided 200 Math practice questions and  over 50 Verbal practice questions in NOV. 2006 and we are expecting to post the same number of questions in DEC., if not more.)

At any given time, VIP members would have access to the practice questions posted in the current month and the previous one month's.  For example, if  you are a VIP member as of 12/17/2006 (DEC. 17), you would have access to DEC. and NOV's practice questions.  If you are still a VIP member by January 2007, you would have access to Jan.2007 and DEC. 2006's practice questions.
2. online courses

In VIP section, we also provide online courses written by our expert Tutors on CR and math. 

Online Courses -what members say about it

3. Tutor facilitated forum discussion

We do not assign you to any specific tutor, however, your questions will be discussed and answered in the VIP section, and will be monitored and answered, if necessary, by our tutors.

What does it cost for VIP membership?

The fee is $30 for ‘30 days VIP access’. 

Please read the following post regards what our VIP members say about the membership and the fee:

VIP membership, worthy?

Is Scoretop Worth 30$

What other members say about VIP membership/materials on their recent test experiences:

610 to 730 in one month

I owe you guys this...

Bagged a 720

730 !! Finally a barrier broken! 

to read more:

GMAT Test Experience

How to make payment:

Please click on the Paypal icon on the bottom of any page at for '30 day VIP access'. 

Please refer to the following link regards: How to pay using credit card? All credit card payment will be processed via paypal.  Paypal is one of the most reliable, secure and fast way to pay online.  We do NOT get to know any of your credit card information.

How long it takes to activate VIP access:

It takes a few hours in most cases.  However, if the payment was made during the middle of night US time, then you might have to wait a few more hours until our on duty admin gets on. 

How to activate my VIP access:

You will get an email from our sales notifying that your VIP access has been granted. There is no special ID or password to use; you would still use your current member ID and password to login to the forum.  For some member, they might need to logout then log back in to the forum to clear catch, so they can gain VIP access.

I want to become VIP member, however not very comfortable giving credit card no. online, is it safe?  I don't have a pay pal account, how can I pay? Is there any other option to make payment?

Paypal is one of the most secure, fast and convenient payment method option. Best of all, paypal is free to send out money. We do NOT get to know any of your credit card information; all payments are processed via paypal.   

B) One does NOT have to have a paypal account, you can pay just using credit card by clicking the paypal button on bottom of each page.  

How to pay using credit card?

There are two options, if you have paypal account, you can pay by login to your paypal account, if you don't have paypal account, paypal will accept just credit card payment.

Still have questions regards VIP?

Please send PM to Master if you still have any questions.


Edited by master on December 18 2006 at 3:26pm
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