Astronaut (and Former Astronaut) Hams

To our readers:  We have made every effort, through exhaustive research, to maintain as accurate a list as possible, of the many men and women who have amateur (ham) licenses among those who are or have been astronauts and/or cosmonauts. 

We will always remember 01-FEB-2003, the date of the tragic loss of Space Shuttle Columbia over Texas, minutes before mission STS-107 was to end with a safe landing at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  This catastrophe resulted in the deaths of seven astronauts, including three who were licensed radio amateurs: Mission Specialists Kalpana Chawla, KD5ESI; David M. Brown, KC5ZTC; and, Laurel B. Clark, KC5ZSU.

Our sincerest condolences go out to the families of the Columbia Seven and their families.

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NASA Amateur Radio Program and NASA's Aerospace Education Services Program

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NASA Abbreviation


CDR Commander
FE Flight Engineer
MS Mission Specialist
PLT Pilot
PS Payload Specialist
PS-CDR Payload Commander
ASCAN Astronaut Candidate
COSMO Cosmonaut

The list is based on information through 19-AUG-2005.

Directions:  Click on each person's Amateur Radio Callsign and this should bring up his/her biographical information in a new browser window.

Last Name First Name Amateur Callsign NASA Abbreviation License Class
Baker, M.D., M.P.H. Ellen S. KB5SIX MS TECH
Bartoe Dr. John-David F. W4NYZ PS GENERAL
Bolden Charles F. KE4IQB CDR TECH
Bowersox Kenneth D. KD5JBP CDR - Expedition 6 TECH
Brady, Jr. Charles E. N4BQW MS EXTRA
Brown David M. KC5ZTC MS/ASCAN TECH (SK 01-FEB-2003, STS-107)
Budarin Nikolai Mikhailovich RV3DB (R4MIR) COSMO (Russia)
Burbank Daniel C. KC5ZSX MS/ASCAN TECH
Bursch Daniel W. KD5PNU FE/MS TECH
Cabana Robert D. KC5HBV CDR TECH
Cagle, M.D. Yvonne Darlene KC5ZSV MS/ASCAN TECH
Cameron Kenneth D. KB5AWP CDR ADVANCED
Camarda, Ph.D. Charles J. KC5ZSY MS/ASCAN TECH
Chawla, Ph.D. Kalpana KD5ESI MS TECH (SK 01-FEB-2003, STS-107)
Chilton Kevin P. KC5TEU CDR TECH
Clark, M.D. Laurel Blair Salton KC5ZSU MS/ASCAN TECH (SK 01-FEB-2003, STS-107)
Clervoy Jean-Francois KC5WKG MS TECH
Cockrell Kenneth D. KB5UAH CDR TECH
Coleman Catherine G. "Cady" KC5ZTH MS TECH
Collins Eileen Marie KD5EDS CDR TECH
Creamer Timothy J. "TJ" KC5WKI MS TECH
Culbertson, Jr. Frank L. KD5OPQ CDR TECH
Currie, Ph.D. Nancy Jane KC5OZX MS TECH
De Winne Frank ON1DWN MS TECH
Duffy Brian N5WQW CDR TECH
Dunbar, Ph.D. Bonnie J. KD5DCB MS/PS-CDR TECH
Durrance, Ph.D. Samuel T. N3TQA PS TECH
England, Ph.D. Anthony W. "Tony" W0ORE PS ADVANCED
Fettman, B.S., D.V.M., M.S., Ph.D., Diplomate, ACVP Martin Joseph KC5AXA PS TECH
Fincke E. Michael KE5AIT FE/Science Officer TECH
Foale, Ph.D. C. Michael KB5UAC MS TECH
Frick Stephen N. KD5DZC PLT TECH
Frimout, Ph.D. Dirk D. ON1AFD PS (Belgium)
Fuglesang Christer KE5CGR (SA0FAS) MS (Sweden's 1st astronaut)
Furrer Reinhard DD6CF PS (Germany)
Gagarin Yuri UA1LO 1st human in space (Russia)
Garriott, Ph.D. Owen K. W5LFL MS ADVANCED
Gidzenko Yuri Pavlovich U5MIR MS (Russia)
Godwin, Ph.D. Linda M. N5RAX MS TECH PLUS
Gregory William G. KC5MGA PLT TECH
Grunsfeld, Ph.D. John M. KC5ZTF MS TECH
Hadfield Chris A. KC5RNJ (VA3OOG) MS TECH
Haignere Jean-Pierre FX0STB PLT (France)
Halsell, Jr. James D. KC5RNI CDR TECH
Hammond, Jr. L. Blaine KC5HBS PLT TECH
Helms Susan J. KC7NHZ MS TECH
Ivins Marsha S. KC5WKF MS TECH
Jernigan, Ph.D. Tamara E. “Tammy” KC5MGF MS TECH
Kaleri Alexander U8MIR MS (Russia)
Korzun Valeri Grigorievich RZ3FK COSMO (Russia)
Krikalev Sergei Konstantinovich U5MIR COSMO (Russia)
Lawrence Wendy B. KC5KII MS TECH
Leestma David C. N5WQC MS TECH
Linenger, M.D., M.S.S.M., M.P.H., Ph.D. Jerry M. "JM" KC5HBR MS TECH
Lonchakov Yuri Valentinovich RS1ISS COSMO (Russia)-crew on STS-100
Lopez-Alegria Michael KE5GTK MS TECH
Lu, Ph.D. Edward Tsang KC5WKJ MS TECH
Malenchenko Yuri RK3DUP MS (Russia)
Manarov Musa Khiramanovich U2MIR/UV3AM COSMO (Russia)
Mastracchio Richard A. "Rick" KC5ZTE MS/ASCAN TECH
McArthur, Jr. William Surles "Bill" KC5ACR MS TECH
Messerschmidt Ernst DG2KM PS/Head of ESA's Astronaut Training Centre (Germany)
Mohri Mamoru 7L2NJY PS (Japan)
Musabayev Talgat RO3FT COSMO (Russia)
Noguchi Soichi KD5TVP MS TECH
Noriega Carlos I. KC5WKK MS TECH
Ochoa, Ph.D. Ellen KB5TZZ MS TECH
Ockels, Ph.D. Wubbo J. PE1LFO PS (Netherlands)
Olsen Greg KC2ONX Space Tourist (9/30/05) TECH
Onufrienko Yuri Ivanovich RK3DUO CDR (Russia)
Oswald Stephen S. KB5YSR CDR TECH
Padalka Gennady RN3DT CDR (Russia)
Parazynski, M.D. Scott E. KC5RSY MS TECH
Parise, Ph.D. Ronald A. "Ron" WA4SIR PS ADVANCED
Patrick, Ph.D., P.E.  Nicholas J. M.  KD5PKY MS TECH (also member of AOPA)
Pettit, Ph.D. Donald R. KD5MDT FE TECH
Phillips, Ph.D. John L. KE5DRY MS TECH
Precourt Charles J. KB5YSQ CDR/Astronaut Office Chief (2002) TECH
Reiter Thomas DF4TR MS (Germany)
Richards Paul William KC5ZSZ MS/ASCAN TECH
Richards Richard N. "Dick" KB5SIW CDR TECH
Schlegel Hans DG1KIH PS (Germany)
Searfoss Richard A. KC5CKM CDR TECH
Sega, Ph.D. Ronald M. KC5ETH MS TECH
Sharipov Salizhan Shakirovich RS0ISS FE (Russia)
Sharman Helen GB1MIR COSMO (Great Britain)
Shepherd William M. KD5GSL MS (1st astronaut on ISS) TECH
Shuttleworth Mark ZSRSA ("temporary, honorary South African callsign") MS/Space Tourist TECH
Sullivan, Ph.D. Kathryn D. N5YYV MS TECH
Thagard Norman K4YSY (lapsed call ) MS EXPIRED
Thirsk, P.Eng., MDCM, MBA Robert Brent "Bob" VA3CSA PS TECH
Thomas, Ph.D. Donald A. KC5FVF MS TECH
Thomas, Ph.D. Andrew S.W. "Andy" KD5CHF & VK5MIR COSMO TECH
Tito Dennis KG6FZX MS/Space Tourist Tech (1st Space Tourist)
Titov Vladmir Georgievich U1MIR COSMO (Russia)
Tognini Michel A. KD5EJZ MS (French AF)
Treschev Sergei Yevgenyevich RZ3FU COSMO (Russia)
Tyurin Mikhail RZ3FT Expedition 14 crew commander (Russia)
Ulrich Walter DG1KIM PS (Germany)
Urbani Luca KC5RGF PS TECH
Usachev Yury Vladimirovich UA9AD/R3MIR/RW3FU MS (Russia)
Vinogradov Pavel RV3BS Expedition 13 crew commander (Russia)
Vittori Roberto IZ6ERU MS TECH
Voss, Ph.D. Janice KC5BTK MS TECH
Wakata Koichi KC5ZTA MS TECH (Japan ISS)
Whitson, Ph.D. Peggy A. KC5ZTD MS/ASCAN TECH
Williams Jeffrey N. KD5TVQ MS/ISS Flight Engineer TECH
Williams Sunita L. KD5PLB MS/ISS Flight Engineer TECH
Wolf, BSEE, M.D. David A. KC5VPF MS TECH

The following information has been provided by Philip Chien, KC4YER. Send your comments via e-mail to

These American astronauts were on long-duration stays aboard Mir.

(Dates are from launch through landing)
Astronaut Launch (mm/dd/yy) Landing (mm/dd/yy) Callsign Time In Space
Norm Thagard 03/14/95 07/07/95 R0MIR 115 days
Shannon Lucid (no call) 03/22/96 09/26/96 R0MIR 188 days
John Blaha 09/16/96 01/22/97 KC5TZQ 128 days
Jerry Linenger 01/12/97 05/24/97 KC5HBR 132 days
Mike Foale 05/15/97 10/05/97 KB5UAC 142 days
Dave Wolf 09/25/97 01/24/98 KC5VPF 121 days
Andy Thomas 01/15/98 06/07/98 KD5CHF 130 days
TOTAL DAYS       956 days

(Note: Andy Thomas was the final American astronaut aboard Mir.) The Mir Space Station was de-orbited on 23-MAY-2001, and crash-landed, without incident, in an uninhabited region of the Pacific Ocean.

(Note: NASA seems to rearrange its site quite often so these links may not be up-to-date all the time. You can always reach their main portal by accessing the following URL: NASA Home)

(Note: During 2002, the callsign RS0ISS was being used on the International Space Station.)

A very nice article with links on NASA's website entitled "Ham Radios in Space" can be found here.


The NASA headquarters worldwide Mir info web site has a history of each cosmonaut crew which has occupied Mir.

Most astronaut biographies can be found here; unfortunately, NASA does not provide a very easy search capability at this site.


Here is a link to information on the ISS the International Space Station.


Crewmembers (listed by Expedition #) are found at: Expedition Crews.


Biographies of the astronauts and cosmonauts connected with the joint U.S. - Russian programs can be found at the NASA Headquarters web site.  Credit: Glenn Swanson, KB1GW

Educational Programs Coordinator, ARRL Educational Activities Department


NASA's (AESP) Aerospace Education Services Program has at least four radio amateurs, Ota Lutz, KD5UQZ, Joan Sanders, KD5UQW, and Angelo Casaburri, KD5UQS, Linus Guillory, KD5WXN, travel to schools and museums as AESP representatives.  AESP specializes in providing free professional development workshops for teachers of science, mathematics, geography and technology. Workshops introduce participants to hands-on activities and NASA curriculum support materials.  


Contact the American Radio Relay League, the national association for amateur radio, in Newington, CT, for further information about amateur (ham) radio.

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