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WCI (Weitbrecht Communications, Inc.)

Your Single Source for Assistive Technology

WCI is the nation's largest distributor of assistive listening devices, alerting systems, text telephones and other equipment for people with special needs.

Named in honor of Dr. Robert Weitbrecht, WCI has a long-standing tradition of expertise in communications technologies -- ranging from amplified telephones and TTYs to personal listening devices and signaling systems.

We've been recognized for our exceptional customer service, sensitivity to and awareness of issues relating to people with special needs, and our commitment to providing only top-quality equipment. We're honored to work with state equipment distribution programs, consumer advocacy groups, government agencies, and audiologists across the country to increase accessibility for all individuals.

With more than 150 items to choose from, each carefully selected for exceptional quality, WCI is truly the Single Source for everything related to assistive technology. Contact Us

Photo of Dr. WeitbrechtDr. Robert Weitbrecht

Inventor of the TTY

Robert Haig Weitbrecht was born in Orange, California, in 1920. He learned sign language and lip-reading in a small class for children who were deaf, and then joined the traditional school system. As early as high school, Weitbrecht was an active "radio ham," making radio telegraph contact with people across the country. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy from the University of California at Berkeley in 1942, and a Master of Science degree in Astronomy from the University of Chicago in 1957.

For many years, Weitbrecht worked as a physicist with the Stanford Research Institute. A gentle man of many talents and interests, Weitbrecht was a mountain climber and a private airplane pilot as well as an inventor and an astronomer.

In 1964, Weitbrecht developed what is probably the most important invention of the century for people who are deaf, the first telecommunications device that allowed people who are deaf to communicate over the public telephone system. Weitbrecht, who lived in Redwood City, California, wanted to communicate with a deaf colleague who lived in Pasadena. Because his friend did not have a license to use a ham radio, Weitbrecht's first choice for communication, Weitbrecht built a device that could use the existing public telephone lines instead. Weitbrecht received a patent on his new invention, which became the first TTY allowing people who are deaf to use a standard network.

Throughout his life, Weitbrecht worked to make this technology available to people worldwide. Within 20 years, well over 100,000 TTYs were in use. In 1974, Weitbrecht received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Gallaudet College in recognition of his contributions to humanity. In 1980, Weitbrecht joined the engineers at Ultratec to continue developing new products for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. The deaf community suffered a great loss when Dr. Robert H. Weitbrecht, scientist, humanitarian and inventor, died in a car accident in 1983 at the age of 63.

Services for Audiologists

WCI specializes in helping hearing-care professionals enhance their practice (and increase their profits) by offering add-on assistive devices at extremely competitive prices. Depending on the hearing-care provider's needs, we can customize programs at various levels to help each practice better serve its clients. Our customizable ALD catalog is a great tool for Hearing Instrument Specialists to increase their profits. The catalog is designed to allow practitioners to label it with their own names, thereby personally offering clients an entire selection of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs). As a result, all sales opportunities come back to the practice, which can quickly become a "single source" for its client's hearing needs. Clients pick out the products they want from the catalog, and the practice phones the orders in to WCI. The products can be shipped directly to the customer or back to the practice, whichever the hearing professional prefers. The catalog enables hearing care professionals to increase services to their clients with minimal investment or overhead.

For a sample catalog and dealer information email: or call WCI at 800-233-9130.

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