Tutorial: Hands-on Apache Cocoon

A crash course in using Apache Cocoon, highlighting the power and flexibility of the framework for working with XML technologies.
Monday 4 December 2006, 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Primary Presenter:
Andrew Savory, Managing Director, Luminas Limited (http://www.luminas.co.uk/)


Apache Cocoon is a very powerful framework providing solid solutions for a wealth of different scenarios, ranging from traditional web publishing to EAI. This tutorial aims to introduce participants to the power of Cocoon from a pragmatic daily use perspective; covering almost every aspect of Cocoon it will show users how to: install, maintain and debug Cocoon; write efficient sitemaps; perform multi-channel publishing; use the Cocoon form framework; master the next web revolution: continuations and flowscript. The tutorial will also illustrate how a number of real-world problems have been solved through the use of XML and Cocoon.