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The Shared Universe ProjectTM

Authors and fans working together. The original, exclusive project.

Complete Shared Universe Project Title List

Welcome to the Shared Universe Project, where the trinity of publisher, author and fan has never been so exemplified. Authors who participate in the project not only encourage the creation of fan-fiction which set in their world and utilizes their characters, but they also provide sourcebooks filled with backstory and additional details about their world. Fans can post derivative fiction on their own websites (which we'll link to) or submit fiction for publication by Fandom. If accepted, short works (2,000 to 49,000 words) are published in anthologies and novel-length work (50,000 to 150,000 words) are released as new books in the series. The original author--"Origin author"--and the fan--"Votary author"--draw on each other's work to create a rich, multi-faceted world.

More About the Origin Author

We've been delighted and amazed by how many authors have already approached us about opening their worlds to Votary authors. We require only that the Origin author (the author of the original world and characters) create a sourcebook to their universe to guide fans. This sourcebook is published by Fandom. The Origin author's fiction is published in another division, depending on its genre. In some cases, the author's work may even be available from another publisher. Origin authors can create a sourcebook for a single book or a series; either way, they know Votary authors will add immeasurably to their creation. Authors who welcome others to write in their world embark upon a truly collaborative effort.

More About the Votary Author

When fans dedicate themselves to writing in-depth, fascinating stories based on the work of an Origin author, they are called Votary authors. Votary authors enrich the original universe and become an official part of the world they love.

Want to know more? Here is a list of some of  points in the contracts:

>> Origin authors agree to allow others to write in their universe. However �

>> Origin authors may choose to review the work of Votary authors before publication or work directly with Votary authors during the writing and editing process to ensure that the work is in line with the sourcebook the Origin author created.

>> Votary authors receive a high-end 10% royalty on all books they write. Origin authors receive a royalty (5%) on books written by Votary authors. Origin authors receive a 15% royalty on the sourcebook).

>> Origin authors and Votary authors freely "borrow" from each other's works. However, Origin authors always credit Votary authors by name in a credit section in the book.

>>Both Origin and Votary authors are required to read all published universe-specific work in order to keep the series consistent.

>>Other than the sourcebook, which is published by Fandom, Origin authors' books may be published by another Windstorm division or even by another press (as long as Fandom retains the right to publish additional works in the universe).

>> All authors published in The Shared Universe Project receive a lifetime 50% discount on all books published by Windstorm and all of its divisions.

Interested in writing in a Shared Universe Project world or creating your own series for others to write in? Send us your one to four page proposal.

Windstorm Creative

Attn: Shared Universe Project

7419 Ebbert Dr SE

Port Orchard WA 98367

Or call us today at 360-769-7174 and ask to speak to a staff member about the Shared Universe Project.