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Sample project
2006 03 23
The Sample Project of Complex Building Renovation
In 2004 the implementation of the sample project of complex building renovation began in the Žirmūnai region. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the benefit of complex building renovation and the effect of a neat surrounding.
Choice of the house:
The dwelling house in the Žirmūnai Street was chosen according to the following criteria:
  1. The house is in the region of high priority. According to market researches, the following regions are of high priority: Žirmūnai, Antakalnis, Naujininkai, Vilkpėdė, Lazdynai and Karoliniškės.
  2. House renovation in this region is profitable economically. In Žirmūnai the demand of apartments is increasingly growing due to its unique location (nearby the Neris river, close to the city centre and convenient transport services) and a recent fast development of the region infrastructure (the Northtown).
There were four houses chosen in the Žirmūnai Street for the sample complex renovation of the building. They had to meet the following two conditions:
    • To establish a House Owners Association (HOA);
    • To get as many voices as possible, which would sanction the renovation.
The HOA of dwellinghouse number 3 in the Žirmūnai Street was first to fulfil these conditions and won the competition.
House characteristic:
Large block construction house number 3 in the Žirmūnai Street was built in 1965. Its physical condition is poor, as well as of other houses of this series. The supporting structure of the house is still suitable for further exploitation and modernization. There are 60 apartments in a five-floor building.
The energetic audit of the building showed that the thermal resistance of the walls does not meet the contemporary requirements and the joints of the slabs had been sealed up even several times during the period of exploitation. Still, the number of new gaps is constantly increasing. The roof cover is old and worn; the water penetrates to the apartments of upper floors. Most of the windows are also old and have been exploited from the very beginning of constructional works of the house. As a result, they are not hermetic and blow off a big amount of warmth. 
Sponsorship of the renovation:
The renovation works of the Žirmūnai sample house are financed by Vilnius City Municipality. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of the dwelling house will have to return a half of the sum in a period of 15 years. The renovation works of the surrounding are financed by Vilnius City Municipality.
Renovation works:
The following renovation works are intended to accomplish in the sample dwelling house:
·         Change of windows;
·         Glazing of balconies;
·         Change of entrance roofs;
·         Building insulation;
·         Roof renovation;
·         Adjustment of engineering systems.
Vilnius City Municipality seeks not only for good appearance of the renovated sample house, but also for a nice surrounding. It is going to tide up the surrounding of the residential quarter as well.
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