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David Yeagley, Bad Eagle, Apr. 26

It wasn’t her body that was exposed, but her race, or, shall we say, her ‘real’ race. Korean actress and producer Lee Yu Jin is down and out in South Korea. Why? The word is out: she’s half American. She’s a mixed race. Her white father was an American GI. She’s 5’9”, and was always suspect because of her height.

“People ask why didn’t I come out earlier and why this is such a big deal, “ the 27-year-old said. “It wouldn’t be anywhere else, but Korea is still a closed society where people like to talk about the purity of the race.”

Lee Yu Jin isn’t alone in her plight, either. There’s the popular singer “Sonya,” television host Jennifer Yung Wisner, and basketball coach Kim Dong Dwang. Bi-racial persons are considered a downer, in a place like South Korea (to say nothing of Nort Korea).

Janet Mintzer, president of Pearl S. Buck International, says, “My impression is that there is more discrimination against Amerasians in South Korea than anywhere else in Asia and that it has not improved significantly.” PSBI, a Pennsylvania-based foundation, is credited with coining the term “Amerasian,” and works with the biracial children in not only South Korea, but also the Philippines and Vietnam, among other Asian countries in which the U.S. military has had a presence.

So it seems that American “democracy” is actually a code word for intermarriage, multiculturalism, and the dissolution of any distinctions. Never mind the GIs and the predicaments they’ve caused, Mintzer’s group certainly represents the Communist use of the term, “democracy,” which Communism is very astute and aggressive to use. (Remember it was the great Students for a Democratic Society, SDS, which spawned the infamous anti-America terrorist group, the Weathermen, in the late ‘60’s.)

In other words, if South Korea claims to be a democracy, it should promote inter-racial marriage, multiculturalism, and “equality” of all things human. There must be no distinctions, save for the wealthy tyrants who run the Communist regime. For Communism, “democracy” is the open door to dictatorship.

But never mind about that a minute. Lee Yu Jin has an important role in the recent Korean horror film, “Bunshinsaba” (Ouiji Board), directed by Byeong-ki Ahn (March, 2005). In a scathing review, Yu Jin comes out as “the saving grace” in the otherwise run-of-the-mill grade “c” Asian horror film. “Her big expressive eyes and soulful looks” are not something we normally expect from the Oriental face, right? So her bi-racial ‘condition’ is what makes her a hit?

So let’s ask the question: is love of race, love of culture, love of country, all to be considered immoral now? Has the Communist ideology taken over the whole world? Is any thought of race to be hopelessly consigned to the Nazis? Is Communism then anti-everything that a human being is? Is there to be no escape from the accusation of being a Nazi?

I say, love of race, ethnicity, culture, minus the maniacal, satanic vision of Adolf Hitler, is the only saving grace of the world. Without it, in some multiculturalist, globalist world without boundaries, the world will simply become an emasculated, mass wimp, under the control of a few mega-wealthy tyrants.

There is a reason for differences. This is to keep the human race separated into smaller groups.

Love of race is the only ‘saving grace’ left in the world, and the Communist, multinationalists, and globalists are desperate to rub out all natural differences. They are anti-race, anti-language, anti-culture, and anti-God, Who in fact created these differences, according to the old Hebrew version of the world (Gen. 11). The Leftists anti-Semitic Jews of the world can say, “We’ve come a long way, baby!” but it’s a long way in the wrong direction, seems to me. Man always wants to separate that which God has brought together, as in marriage/divorce, and to bring together that which God has separated, as in language, culture, and race.

Mixed raced people can’t help what they are. Their’s is no fault. But there is no need to repeat the same, or to advocate more, or to idolize such a condition by perpetuating it. When you realize you’re on a wrong path, even if you didn’t put yourself on it, the only dignified thing to do is to get back on the right path.

The need in the world today is love of one’s own people, without hatred for another’s. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is both prescriptive and proscriptive. You can’t love your neighbor unless you love yourself.

Original article

(Posted on April 27, 2005)

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This is a very well written article by this author. The quote “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is both prescriptive and proscriptive. You can’t love your neighbor unless you love yourself.” absolutely sums everything you need to know right up. If we were meant to all be the same, chocolate color skin, black hair, whether straight or curly, brown eyes, then why were we not created that way? There is a reason for that and diversity must be respected, not destroyed through race mixing.

Posted by purecro at 4:22 PM on April 27

I agree with the south korean mentaility of race purity. Korea is going to stay Korean for a long time if this attitude goes on. South Korea should never promote interacial coupling excluding those of other elite asian races(Chinese and Japanese). I just wish that the same was true for US and Europe.

Posted by at 4:31 PM on April 27

You see how racist non-Whites are?
This girl was suspect because of her ideal 5’9”. (Well, ideal for models anyway.)

I have seen Asian women that were very tall. They look great.

Is the problem that this girl is half “American” maybe?

What if she’d been half Swedish or some of some other European extraction?

It’s true that mixed race people can’t help who their parents were!
Could you imagine Hollywood and the rest of America casting out Halle Berry, and many others, just because they are mixed?

Posted by kellye at 5:01 PM on April 27

Her father was an American of Hispanic background. He must have been a Mestizo, because Miss Lee looks almost totally Asiatic; as the article above mentioned, her height was the only real giveaway. A picture of her is available at http://www.koreanwiz.org/at/actors/73.html

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 5:02 PM on April 27

Wow! Great article!

Posted by American Woman at 5:32 PM on April 27

Go Korea!

Posted by Reale at 5:33 PM on April 27

Supposedly many American Africans resent racial mixing too.

But without racial mixing, who could the American Africans trot out to represent them in commercials, sitcoms, movies and rap videos? They can thank their lucky stars for the Hally Barry’s and Bryant Gumbal’s of the world who look like white folks with suntans.

I would love nothing better than for Whites to be bombarded with images everywhere of non-racially mixed American Africans.
That would reduce race mixing…but that is something the media creatures DO NOT WANT…

So instead we get intelligent and attractive mulattoes reciting their lines and acting just like whites.

Posted by rjs at 6:19 PM on April 27

Ole Miss and Southern Illinois universities should send a large group of love and tolerance zombies to try and educate Koreans to accept a few million blacks and mestizos in order to open their minds to the joys of diversity.

After they’ve been shipped over there, and Korean society is filled with gangs, crime, drugs, and their prisons are over flowing, the love and tolerance morons will be stupidly waiting to be officially commended, so they’ll be surprised when they’re mobbed by outrageous Koreans who show their appreciation by decorating their lamp posts with politically correct idiots all over Seoul.

And I have no doubt there will be a number of slobbering idiots who will be holding up signs that say, “Diversity is your strength,” right up to the point when they’re hefted up by the decorating party.

Posted by Robert Kelly at 6:27 PM on April 27

In most East Asian languages, the term “foreigner” itself has negative connotations, and is frequently used in combination with other derrogatory words to heighten the insult. Nothing surprising, I have seen such sentiments in Asian graffiti here in SoCal.

Posted by Philip at 7:31 PM on April 27

I wonder how the Vietnamese have been treating the Amerasians that were created in Vietnam?

Posted by Drew at 8:07 PM on April 27

“I would love nothing better than for Whites to be bombarded with images everywhere of non-racially mixed American Africans.
That would reduce race mixing…” The supposed ugliness of the black female African slaves did not preclude the white masters from having sexual relations with them. Also don’t forget that Seal is about as African as you can get and he still bagged a prototypical Nordic — Heidi Klum!

Posted by mobwaffen at 8:53 PM on April 27

If only they hadn’t repealed all those anti-miscegenation laws.

Posted by Aristotle at 8:55 PM on April 27

Posted by mobwaffen at 8:53 PM on April 27 —- “That would reduce race mixing…” The supposed ugliness of the black female African slaves did not preclude the white masters from having sexual relations with them. Also don’t forget that Seal is about as African as you can get and he still bagged a prototypical Nordic — Heidi Klum!”

Mobwaffen - notice I said “reduce”, not “eliminate”. Why is it that you leftists always look for any isolated example to disprove a general statement that happens to be true?

I’ll use an analogy of your ridiculous leftist logic:

“Blacks are NOT better jumpers because I remember seeing Larry Bird dunking basketballs over black defenders. Also Brent Barry won the pro slam dunk contest a few years ago over his black competitors so this proves that whites can jump as well as blacks.”

Please go find another website to visit.

Posted by rjs at 9:58 PM on April 27

Some preachers still teach the Biblical law of ‘Thou shall not commit adultry’ as actually referring to race mixing and not to sex. This was the historical basis for the anti-miscegenation laws when America was a Christian nation.

Too bad South Africa was not able to continue to develop as a Nation with their own notion of separate but equal. If the tribes of Central Africa were able to progress as a civilization under Afrikaner tutalage they may have developed the strongest black-white Nation in the world.

Posted by Betsy at 11:06 PM on April 27

Let’s suppose a majority of Koreans think that way regarding race. Why then, do they continue to immigrate to the US?

Posted by Oswald at 11:28 PM on April 27

This isn’t about “love of race”. Let’s suppose Miss Lee had a Han Chinese or, God-forbid Japanese father. She’d have been monoracial, or almost entirely so, but just as disliked, perhaps moreso were she half-Japanese instead of merely half-Mexican. The main difference between northeast Asians of differing ethnicities and northwest Europeans of differing ethnicities is that the Asians still hate each other. A marriage between a Norwegian and a Scot would be totally unremarkable, in Norway or Scotland; certainly so in Britain or the USA (in fact most Scots are part Norwegian.) A marriage between a Japanese and a Korean is a lightning rod for hostility in either Japan or Korea. One Japanese electrical engineer I used to know was married to a Korean gal. He quit his job with an extremely high-paying Japanese company to stay in the US, just because he didn’t want his children growing up in Japan or Korea.
What is going on in Korea is clearly not about race.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 2:01 AM on April 28

This is a good article. It is good that the European ethnic group knows about such things. But the reaction to the article indicates an odd feature of ourselves. Apparently we can only be told by examples of other races that it is ok to love your race. We do not have the strength to get this from our own race. Which is interesting.

Posted by t&h at 3:07 AM on April 28

As for Lee Yu Jin being half “Hispanic”… I saw her picture, and my guess is her dad is mostly or all white; probably Cuban or Tejano.

I agree with Oswald. Korea is supposedly a developed nation, yet there are 1.5 million Koreans living permanently in whitey’s countries. As far as I’m concerned, they have no right to complain.

Posted by Brendan at 8:32 AM on April 28

Mobwaffen -
You wrote: “The supposed ugliness of the black female African slaves did not preclude the white masters from having sexual relations with them. Also don’t forget that Seal is about as African as you can get and he still bagged a prototypical Nordic — Heidi Klum!”

Actually, in the census of 1860 (the year before the Civil War) the highest number of mulattoes were found to be in the “free state” of Ohio, not the slaveholding South. Also, the stereotypical frolicking with the negroes on cotton plantations are classically portrayed in antebellum Southern society as being carried out by the hired overseer from New England. As for Heidi Klum, she apparently didn’t have much of an upbringing.

Posted by Kodawolf at 8:52 AM on April 28

When I was at university in the 1970s studying law in the English Midlands there was a Nigerian female student to whom I would occasionally exchange a few words between lectures.

She told me that she actually preferred living in England because, her father being English, the locals over there did not treat her as one of them.

Furthermore, I have heard in such a way as to take it seriously that Bruce Lee, the renowned martial artist, was more than slightly affected in his relations with the Chinese communities he dealt with by the known fact that he had a German grandfather and was a quarter German. Apparently, some other exponents of oriental fighting systems, when he was young, refused to train with him or to impart ‘secrets’ relating to combat skills to him because he was not racially ‘all there’ as far as they were concerned.

It seems that racial preferences are not confined to those of purely European ancestry.


Posted by Ali at 9:59 AM on April 28

to rjs - excuse me?!

why do you bigots think that just because a black person has light skin that automatically means they are mixed?

we are a very diverse people,which is something you can`t say about white folks,who look all the same.
there are light skinned,olive skinned and straight haired blacks in north africa and all over that continent.

i myself have light bronze skin and both my parents are black!

so DON`T pretend that you know my people - perhaps if you got your heads out of racist rushton and lynn books and went outdoors and got to knowus you wouldn`t be so ignorant!!

Posted by la rhonda at 2:56 PM on April 28

Where the white overseers raping black slaves in the old South are concerned, the operative saying is “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” These guys didn’t rape slaves because they were attracted to them, any more than a ranch hand molests a sheep because he thinks she’s sorta cute.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 3:36 PM on April 28

When you think about it, African-Americans (the new, politically correct term) should be called, for the most part, African-European-Americans, especially the mulattos. Colin Powell, for example, is more European-American than African-American, and Condoleeza Rice seems to be about half and half as far as her racial mixture between European and African. But since this is a political term to try to pull together everyone under the same political umbrella, the lack of reality behind the term, African-American, will not hinder its usage.

Posted by Paul Jones at 6:22 PM on April 28

To la rhonda at 2:56 PM on April 28 —-

So now you want to show how ignorant you are too?

“there are light skinned,olive skinned and straight haired blacks in north africa and all over that continent”.

That’s the point, the very people you are describing are all RACIALLY MIXED.

We are talking about “pure” Africans with no racial admixture; like the ones you see in Haiti throughout the African continent…

You know, the “pure” Africans where it is sometimes difficult to distingish a male face from a female face…

You know, the “pure” Africans that are virtually never portrayed in movies, sitcoms, commercials, rap videos…

So white people with
brown, red, black, blonde hair

brown, green, blue eyes

straight, curly hair

…all look the same?

And “pure” Africans, ALL with
afro hair

dark brown eyes

…don’t look the same?

BTW, do the Hally Berry’s (and) Bryant Gumbals of the world look just like these “pure” Africans?


Posted by rjs at 10:42 PM on April 28

“there are light skinned,olive skinned and straight haired blacks in north africa…”

Right… Those people are known as Arabs. They are Semites, not blacks. If you don’t believe me, try going up to a Libyan and calling him “black”. You obviously know very little about genetics. Show me evidence of a light skinned tribe in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Amazing how afrocentrists try to claim everyone in the world as one of theirs. The worst was when some black sportswriter reffered to the Sydney Olympic’s Women’s 400 meter gold medalist as an African-American(!), when she was really an Australian aboriginal.

Posted by Razor at 11:55 PM on April 28

“la rhonda” posted:

“perhaps if you got your heads out of racist rushton and lynn books and went outdoors and got to knowus you wouldn`t be so ignorant!!”

I used to be a liberal. Then I got my head out of leftist books, went outdoors, and (among other things) actually got to know blacks. Through that knowing, I lost my ignorant leftism and became (at least about blacks) a Total, Stone Racist….

I know several other White ex-liberals who have made the same journey. I suspect there are a lot more like us out there….

Ah Yes, blacks. What can one say? Truly, to know them is to love them….


Posted by Nimadan at 1:20 AM on April 29

“we are a very diverse people,which is something you can`t say about white folks,who look all the same.”

Lets see: blonde, brown, or red hair…

Hazel, blue or green eyes…

The ironic thing about ‘Diversity’ is that us Whites are the most diverse phenotypically.

Posted by at 2:43 AM on April 29

la rhonda:

You said your parents were black. Does this mean you think they were pure blooded Africans? It is my understanding that pure blooded Africans are very dark. Any black that is lighter than a pure blooded African has genes from other races in him/her.

One or both of your parents must have some white genes or other genes in them. This would account for your light bronze color. Incidentally, I understand that this is highly prized color among black people.

Can you give me some clarity about a black being a Redbone. I have heard that this is also a highly desired color for blacks. Also, I have heard that lighter skinned blacks sometimes catch grief from darker skinned blacks and vice versa. Maybe you can fill us in on this.

Posted by Drew at 5:29 AM on April 29

“so DON`T pretend that you know my people - perhaps if you got your heads out of racist rushton and lynn books and went outdoors and got to knowus you wouldn`t be so ignorant!!”

Can you explain where Rushton and Lynn commit errors of fact or logic? Or do traditional canons of argument and evidence not come into play at Stanford’s Harriet Tubman Studies department?

Posted by Cassiodorus at 11:53 AM on April 29

Here are some facts re race and Blacks

The most genetically diverse group of humans alive today are the people of Africa—because humans have been in Africa longer than anywhere else—hence the mutations have had a much longer time to occur and build up.

The phenotypes of Africans vary because i)Africa is a huge continent with diverse ecologies—desert, forest, savanah, etc. This would certainly impact genotype and phenotype. ii)Genetic drift and assorted mating have produced Africans who are the tallest people in the world(Dinka of the Sudan, Tutsis, etc.) and some of the shortest(Twa of the Congo). Some Africans are very dark with lean features(Nilotics) while others are brown, and others are yellowish in colour(the San of the Kalahari). Some Africans have aquiline features but are quite dark in colour; others have curly hair while others have tightly curled hair. Note that these diverse traits derive from normal variation within Africa. DO THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH!

The North Africans are mainly indigenous Berber not Arab in ancestry—DNA tests prove this.

Greeks have substantial African input—again DNA tests show this.

And for laughs: the East Asians are not “pure”—genetic tests show that they are quite varied genotypically. Obviously they may look alike to each other but that’s just skin deep. And East Asian females when left to their own devices seem to have a distinct biologically prompted preference for non-East Asian males.

Posted by occam at 1:53 PM on April 29

LaRhonda, if both of your parents were dark-skinned blacks, but each possessed some small amount of European ancestry, most of their children could be expected to look like them, statistically. A small number would be darker than either parent; these would be the ones who received less of the European genes. A small number would be lighter than either, due to having received more of the European genes. Due to the way cell division works for the purposes of producing reproductive material (ova and sperm), each of your parnets contributes only 50% of his or her chromosomes to make you. Which 50% you get from each is COMPLETELY RANDOM.

Posted by Michael C. Scott at 3:48 PM on April 29

Re: Mobwaffen’s comments on Seal and Heidi Klum

I have noticed that celebrities tend to be the most liberal and least moral of any people. Their relationships last about as long as their latest sports car. Most of these people have barely any education to speak of. They are very highly paid and live for the moment. They tend to be extremely emotional and impulsive. The German trash whore who did this terrible thing will definitely pay the price in the long run. Their child even more so. Because of their great wealth, they have no sense of nationality. My guess is that the word culture is completely foreign to them.

Posted by Xenophon at 9:34 PM on April 30

Why would “pure” Africans be portrayed in rap, commercials, movies, music videos, etc? This isn’t Africa. AMren…get it? Why would “pure” Africans represent people from THIS country in our cultural media? Now. Race is a subject which is beyond the scientific understandings of almost anyone who posts on this site, if you read the postings. The bottom line is that as human beings, our view of the world is invariably “colored” by subjective experience in all matters; it scarcely begs mention, then, that when it comes to the OBJECTIVE science of race, the complex psychological, emotional, and culturally instilled precepts which operate in our minds will almost always take precedence over the objective science of the matter, effectively obscuring fact. In short, most people react to and formulate their opinions solely on what they see: the color of a person’s skin and their features. So, you should just be honest with yourself and everyone else when you make your statements: you’re just saying what you feel like saying. There’s no science and a minimal amount of research on your part behind most of the things you say, the bottome line is that you, along with myself and everyone else, see a brown person and say “he’s black” and a white person and say “he’s white.” Nothing really wrong with that, as I just said: the brain’s simultaneously simple/complex response to the information the eyes transmit. But my gripe is that when you argue something, you must then at least ATTEMPT to become objective and speak from the facts; with race issues we are just not inclined to do this because of the nature of these issues. People then use science and facts either selectively, idiotically, or not at all. But the facts of race are derived from science. Look at the posts of people like “Occam” and “Razor” who seem to know a little; read Occam’s in particular. “RJS” says that indigenous populations of Africa who do not conform to his generalized description of appearance (which seems to only describe West Africans) are products of “race-mixing.” What, the common type of miscegenation seen in every America and most modern industrialized societies now? Wrong. Those peoples that “La Rhonda” spoke of are just other Africans. To say that these people are not “pure Africans”, but then pivot and assert that people in Haiti are “pure Africans” just shows that you post on the American Renaissance site not to impart any truth or valid opinion to anyone else, but because you are either simply bored or a racist. Both of which we all have a right to be. Furthermore, realize that race at this point in a very long human history, longer than we have any written record of, is a fabrication of the merging of other, more indigenous earlier races. Is that the kind of “race-mixing” you were talking about which results in some Africans looking different than others? Because if so, then you ARE right in saying that these Africans are the result of race-mixing- along with the other Africans, along with modern Asians, continental European whites, even the isolated Scandinavians (whom I love) and especially the mutt American white. So I ask: what are you talking about? Another poster here, “Drew”, says that “Any black that is lighter than a pure blooded African has genes from other races in him/her.” The logical fallacy (faulty generalization of the “biased sample” variety) in this statement assumes that any “pure blooded African” is of a specific darkness, and all the same hue at that. I really like this site because they stay on top of the news, but the allowing of all this posting is a disaster, firstly because of the general argumentum ad nauseam regurgitated by most posters like Drew and RJS, and then the funny practice of supporting arguments already doomed by ad nauseam fallacy with all manner of faulty generalization and other fallacies. The point is, where most people’s understanding of the science of these issues trails off, their brains fill in the blanks with emotion and fallacious concoctions. What is weird to me personally is how most are so cocksure and smug about it, too. Like RJS- claiming that peoples in Africa who don’t fit into his mold are a product of race-mixing. Africa today, being a crappy place to live and subsequently a crappy place to emigrate to, is one of the most indigenously populated places because let’s face it- who wants to go there? Not me. So where is this “race-mixing?” In his head, because that explains why all Africans don’t look the same. But back to the post which inspired me to post (I generally don’t post anymore because I hate when my posts end up in the “long diatribe/discourse” category like this one, and because of my gripes wth people’s general lack of knowledge, I just quietly receive my subscription and read the articles on the site): his problem is that he doesn’t feel like the black people on TV and in the movies represent pure Africans…not really anything to be upset about, since this stuff is American. You’re blowing a fuse over something silly. Accept that Amren posters are just flat out wrong about everything most of the time (notice “most” frees me from secundum quid fallacy). I stick to the articles and rarely venture into the comments, and I apologize for doing so here. I stick to the articles and the magazine, which has a substantially more fact-based and less WRONG point of view than moronic posters…though it is true, even the magazine cannot escape a certain degree of non-crediblity, being a meagerly-circulated bastion of ad nauseam racist propoganda and having as its core value the utterly ridiculous LIE uttered by Jefferson himself: “there is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world” which is at once noble and damning of AmRen, its publishers, its writers, and of course moronic posters; we all know now about Jeffersons extant truths which he both feared and wished unknown to the world, and furthermore, he is now the namesake of a magazine which counts among its readership many citizens of the great country who follow in his noble tradition of professing proponence of “truth” and then proceeding to selectively cite what few truths they are able to glean from the modern world…the ironies are countless, but anyhow, I’m done for another three months. Just remember that simply by being a poster on this site (either of the whining “black and brown are inferior!” type or the “I’m black/brown and this site sucks” type, you are most likely wrong (again skillfully avoiding being wrong by secundum quid) just because of the fact that you have been drawn into and subscribe to/peruse regularly this site for your identification with an ad nauseam core argument. But I will stop short of saying that Amren.com is a Goebbels expirement for the marginalized 1) because EVERYONE who posts is not wrong 2) those who are racists or racialists had a well-established position on race before ever discovering the site. And, I also am a site regular. But these idiotic posts with their “facts” either factual or pseudo, and their CONCLUSIONS…recreation for the lowly mind which I have fallen to again. Ah, *^&#, guess I’m no better than everyone else after all…sorry for the general disorganization of these ideas, I just typed them as they came out, but hey- it’s a post! No one else has any standards for making statements here, why should I!

Posted by John Dreher at 7:38 PM on May 2

There is variation in both pigmentation & facial morphology among the various west African tribes who were the source populations for “African-Americans.” For a treatment of the various Negroid types from a physical anthropological view-point see the relevant section of John Baker’s Race (published by the Oxford University Press in 1974, I believe). Of course many of the lighter-skinned inhabitants of Africa really are not negroes at all, especially in the Maghrib, while north-east Africans (Somalis, Ethiopians), while often very dark-skinned, are a hybrid negroid-caucasoid population, as genetic studies (e.g. Cavalli-Sforza) clearly show.

Posted by Novice at 10:02 PM on May 3



Posted by HARLEY HOLLOWAY at 8:39 AM on May 16

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