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The oshawa connection
By : deadmau5
Album: deadmau5 circa 1998-2002
Created on: 1/9/2003

© All Rights Reserved. demo permission

yay. 3 months later.

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Software used: Not listed
Top20 votes : 14 Average rating : 9 Actual Score: 243/270
Genre : Big Beat Mood : sick
BPM : fuk
Length : 4m
Member downloads : 80 Guest downloads : 93 Total : 173
The oshawa connection reviews (25)
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Review by : TaintedHelix :: on : 1.12.2006 Rating: 9

The Good: Awesome beat, nice tempo. This song defies catagorization. It's almost drum and bass, and almost rock.

The Bad: A tad too loud, even to the point that there was some clicking while listening to it on monitoring headphones.

Overall: Very nice! Can't wait to hear more. I'm trying to find your album somewhere, when I do, I'll be sure buy it!
Review by : nomadbeats :: on : 8.23.2005 Rating: 6

Dug the track. I liked the little drum fills that came up here and there - they really added. I think the kick could come up though - there was a little punch lacking at the bottom end of the frequency scale. I also reckon that if you brought down the volume of the conversation at the beginning - alot - then the track would really kick off when the beats come in. At the moment the track is disappointingly quiet after the conversation. I do appreciate though that you may have done this so that when you mix the track in a DJ set, the conversation is audible over the previous track. These are just details though. Overall the track was strong and should get the dancefloor pumping.

The Man who was Thursday - Nomadbeats
Review by : Ronak :: on : 6.3.2005 Rating: 8

Ronak here...

OK. The real fun begins at 46 secs. Though, intro vocals are nicely taken. Seems like music of an action movie or theme. Will suit there. Say for example, Max Payne.

Nice drums. Nice beats. A professional track, once again. Those later-on coming uhh… uhh vocals fits there. Nice man. Are there any lyrics for this one> Is so, tell me where you’ve put them.


Review by : Evan :: on : 1.8.2005 Rating: 9

thats pretty cool how you put that beginning interview in there. nice beat and effects. good fills. good guirtar sound. very good track, as usual im impressed. now i just have to fill the 255 characters. really you did a great job with this one.

Review by : danlynn :: on : 11.15.2004 Rating: 10

dan lynn likes!!!
this is my first review for deadmau5. i have to say that i am very impressed with all that I've heard so far and am desperately working on a remix of milk that i will enter into the competition as soon as i'm done (although i'm nervous in my remixing capabilities). i'll do my damndest.

anywho.. back to oshawa. true, it wasn't the most original piece that i've hear. but was it good? of course it was. it was awesome! i would ask what you use to make such great beats, but i'm afraid you would not satisfy me with an answer. overall composition is great... samples used fit in really well. drumming is amazing and guitar samples were used well.

occasionally, when you used the vocal sample "i took a dive in oshawa" - (if i'm quoting that correctly), for instance, at 1m43s... maybe that's the only one. it seemed the timing was a little off, in my taste anyway.

i really like the drum fills.

the sample at the beginning is strange, and the intro following it is great! the main gritty synth is really good. overall this song is a big 10!

more like this one please!

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mp3: just a joke song!
list reviews: 1 | 3 | 5 | 10 | 20
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