Walter Scott


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Castle of Torquilstone, engraved by Edward Finden, 1832 (Corson P.3492)

Pages on Particular Works by Scott

Inversnaid Fort, engraved by Charles Heath after Peter De Wint, 1832 (Corson P.3478)

For pages which discuss more than one work, see Online Essays and Criticism.

The Antiquary

  • Sir Walter Scott and The Antiquary - From ('A reference site for Stevenson's Bell Rock Lighthouse'), this page refers to Scott's visit to Arbroath in 1814 while on a tour of Scottish lighthouses and his subsequent decision to set The Antiquary around Arbroath. It includes a critical analysis of the novel by Nicola Watson.

The Bride of Lammermoor


  • IVANHOE Game - Developed by Jerome J. McGann and Johanna Drucker at the University of Virginia, the IVANHOE Game is 'an online playspace that facilitates collaborative interpretation'. It 'calls attention to interpretation as active intervention in a textual field and promotes self-conscious reflection by returning various visual and textual transformations to the players'. Permitting players to perform or to modify Scott's novel-making decisions, IVANHOE is specially apt for use in small group situations.

  • Ivanhoe - Compiled by three students at Argo Community High School (Summit, Illinois), this site provides a summary of Ivanhoe, an analysis of themes and characters, three critical readings of the novel, and an annotated bibliography of criticism.

  • Ivanhoe by Walter Scott - From Richard Crawford's Gallery pages, this page provides information on Scott and Ivanhoe with particular emphasis on the treatment of its Jewish characters. There are links to e-texts of Ivanhoe, to other Scott-related sites, and to sites dealing with medieval England.

  • Olga's Gallery: Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) - From Dr Olga Mataev's Olga's Gallery site, this page contains a clickable image of Eugène Delacroix's painting The Abduction of Rebecca together with a plot summary of Ivanhoe.

  • The Hermit in Lore: Walter Scott's Ivanhoe - From The Hermitary ('Resources and Reflections on Hermits and Solitude'), this essay essays both medieval and Scott's own attitudes to eremiticism with reference to Ivanhoe, noting some of the anachronisms in the portrayal of Friar Tuck.

  • Tra letteratura classica e SF: chi ha copiato da chi? - From Intercom: Science Fiction Station, this Italian-language essay by Giuseppe Iannozzi includes a discussion of the influence of Ivanhoe in the development of fantasy literature. It is illustrated by images of a card game based on Ivanhoe.

  • La Arquería en la Literatura Universal: Walter Scott - From Prof. Dr. Guillermo E. Bahamonde's Archery Museum site, this Spanish-language page collates all the references to archery in Ivanhoe.

  • Ivanhoe: Study Guide - These pages from Sparknotes provide a plot summary, biographical account of the author, discussion of the novel's historical background, dictionary of characters, and critical analysis. They are marred by biographical inaccuracies, typographical errors, and questionable critical judgment.

The Lay of the Last Minstrel

Quentin Durward

Rob Roy


Title page of The Lay of the Last Minstrel, engraved by John Pye after Richard Westall, 1809 (Corson H.WES.3)

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