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Who Will Be Transformed? Community Art and Excellence - some reasons that most people don't like art.

Critical Cartography On mapping and map making.

Not Just Art What Free Software is teaching artists - written for the Kindom of Piracy

Free as in Air An interview with Adam Burns, Free Networker - for the Sarai Reader.

Privacy, Free Software, Free Networks How and why the self-provision of a telecommunications infrastructure is essential for privacy.

Generative Art / Software Art A list of links to some Generative art and Software art that I like, with a short rant about art taxonomy.

History of Art for the Intelligence Community A review of Vuk Cosic's installation of the same name, for Camera Austria, March 2003.

Cream 12 Guest edited February 2003's issue of Josephine Bosma's CREAM - Collaborative Reasearch into Electronic Art Memes.


Starbucks Safari A sort of interview with the Space Hijackers

Review of Keith Tyson's 'Recursive Transition Knot' -for CREAM

A trip to the Dump thoughts on Buy Nothing Day


Net Art Notes reviews, opinion and thought on Net Art

Useless Utilities presented to the netuser conference in Sofia 10/2001


Werd Processing: A critical look at MS Word office assistant and it's ancestors - a more digestible part of a thesis in first draft: Information/Transformation - which is (still!) awaiting useful revision

Access Space: Redundant Technology Initiative get low-tech in Sheffield

Performing Info-War: Root live art festival goes mad for Zapatismo and Ricardo Dominguez.

Any Questions ?: (a response to being asked questions when giving a talk about Open Source and art practices at the Art Council of England's "OPEN" event in Nov. 2000).


Open Source and Collective Art Practice




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